UNIZIK Post UTME: How To Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score

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UNIZIK Screening Exam: See How To Calculate Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK  Post UTME Aggregate Score and Know Your Chance Of Admission

How To Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score
The aim of this post is to show all unizik aspirants how they can calculate their post utme aggregate score and know if they have chance of gaining admission into the school.

Outlined below is an example showing how to calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score. If you have seen your JAMB result as well as your UNIZIK Post UTME result, you should be able to carry out the calculation below for yourself:


Candidates will be screened based on their JAMB scores and O’level result for the four subjects taken in JAMB. The following considerations will apply:

A. RATIO – The ratio will be 70:30. i.e 70% JAMB score and 30% O’level subject score: 70/100 = 0.7; 30/100 = 0.3

B. RANKING OF O’LEVEL SUBJECTS SCORE – O’level results will be ranked as given below:

  • A1= 90,
  • B2= 80,
  • B3= 70,
  • C4= 60,
  • C5= 55,
  • C6= 50,
  • D7= 25,
  • E8 to F9=0,
  • Awaiting Result (AR) =0

For each candidate, the O’level subjects used will be the subjects the candidate sat for in JAMB. E.g. for a candidate who sat for English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in JAMB, the grades obtained in candidate O’level results in these subjects will be used to calculate the O’level points obtained.

C. BONUS – A candidate who credited his four subjects in a single sitting will get a bonus of 10 points (i.e. Bonus =10). A candidate who credited his four subjects in two sitting will get no bonus (i.e. Bonus = 0).

D. CALCULATIONS – Final score = [(JAMB SCORE`* 0.7) + [(O’level score + Bonus)*0.3]

Illustration: A student scored 280 in JAMB and had O’level results distributed as given in the table below:

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

English 66 A1 90
Mathematics 78 B3 70
Physics 70 B3 70
chemistry 66 C5 55
TOTAL 280 285

I. Single sitting:
Final score= Weighted JAMB score + Weighed O’level score
(280 x 0.7) + [ (285 +10) x 0.3]
= 196 + 88.5
= 284.5

II. Two sittings:
Weighted JAMB score + Weighed O’level score (280 x 0.7) + [ (285+ 0)x 0.3]
= 196 + 85.5
= 281.5

Note: The difference between the final screening scores of a candidate who credited his four subjects in a single sitting and the candidate who made it in two sittings is 6 (i.e 284.5- 281.5).

Stay tuned for I will be posting Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK 2021/2022 departmental Cut-off point soon.


The choice of a university depends on many factors which may vary with individuals. Few of many reasons people give why they choose UNIZIK are as follows:

  • UNIZIK is situated in an easy accessible area from all different locations
  • UNIZIK is a federal University; the fees are affordable, unlike the state owned universities where they pay exorbitant fees.
  • UNIZIK is the only university in the south-east where Electronics and Computer Engineering has been accredited by the National Universities Commission and COREN.
  • In UNIZIK, admission is strictly by merit.
  • The environment is intimidation and harassment-free, giving no room for cult activities. One can walk around freely at anytime of the day without fear of molestation, and this goes a long way to suggest that the security network is very active.
  • Finally, it is the wish of every student to graduate as and when due with good grades; UNIZIK is known to support this, as it runs an uninterrupted academic calendar year in year out.
  • The transportation system in UNIZIK can only be described as effective and efficient.

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  1. Youngwizzy says:

    Plz I score 182 in my jamb I went to study psychology in unizik plzzzzzz advice me plzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Worthwhile says:

    As at now you are good to write their Post UTME exam,because this year’s UTME cut off mark is 180 so pray they won’t change their mind,but meanwhile study hard for the post utme,because psychology departmental cut off last was 239.

    If you need any other help,Just post it here,and we will keep you updated of any latest news.

  3. Tracy says:

    I scored 186 in jamb nd am applying 4 computer science in Unizik.Do u tink I shuld go ahead to purchase dia putme form or change 2 anoda skul,pls kindly reply me as soon as possible.Tnx

  4. Worthwhile says:

    @ Tracy,UNIZIK JAMB minimum cut off mark is 180, so you are qualified to sit for the post UTME Exam.
    Good luck.

  5. Tracy says:

    PLS,wen exactly wil d courses cut-off marks in Unizik b posted.Nid update urgently,tnx

  6. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing this information.

  7. Worthwhile says:

    @Horse Betting,you are welcome.

  8. clinton says:

    I scored 186 I want to go for unn marketing but I think I might change to unizik what are my chances reply asap sir thank u

  9. Worthwhile says:

    @Clinton,yea,I guess you should change to UNIZIK because UNN cut off this year is 200.

  10. blessing julliet says:

    Pls sir if i get 255 in d agregate score of unizik for medicine nd surgery.wat wil be my chances of getin admision.or wil dey change course 4 me.i nid urgent repls.plsss

    • Worthwhile says:

      Read hard for your post UTME, you have great chance of gaining admission.

  11. ali says:

    plz in which months umyu sell post utme

  12. Onyinyechi says:

    hello,,, i scored 192 in jamb and recently changed my course to Education and English language, hope there is no problem with that?

  13. Anonymous says:

    pl I score 196 I want to study nursing in unizik is it possible

  14. samuêl says:

    I scored 186 in jamb nd i want 2 study computer science in unizik… Plz how possible is dat??

  15. julius says:

    pls i hv 188 in jamb nd if i get 158 as aggregate wats my chance of gaining admission into unizik with de course architecture

  16. Venechi says:

    Pls I scored 46 in my post utme for unizik and I’m studying mass communication do I still have a chance

  17. Francesca says:

    I have 206 in jamb and 39 in post utme and I want to study accounting in unizik…. Is there any chance for me to be admitted??? Please I need answer asap, thanks

  18. Yanny says:

    Pls I intend applying to Unizik hw high is their consideration for non-indigenes

  19. blessing says:

    Pls I scored 195 in jamb…. Tho the post UTME is yet to begin… Is there any possibility I still get enroll in Unizik… Because I want to study accountancy

  20. okwunor chidinma says:

    please can one gain admission in unizik with jamb score that’s below 150…

  21. Tina says:

    I scored 184 in jamb what are my chances of getting admission because I want to study nursing

  22. Ozzy says:

    I scored 188 in jamb can I get any change in unizik with psychology as my course

  23. Gabriel says:

    When is unizik post utme going to start and how much is it for the registration?

  24. Chidera udobi says:

    Unizik 2019 jamb cut off mark for business adminstration?

  25. ifeanyi says:

    Plz I score 218 in my jamb and I want to study political science,is there any hope for me

  26. uche says:

    pls, I scored 198 in jamb can u still enroll for the post Utme for pharmacy?

  27. Adike Goodness Chioma says:

    Pls I scored 213 in jamb and I applied for microbiology in unn, am planning of changing it to unizik, what’s my chance of getting admission? Pls urgent answer

  28. lovelyn says:

    please sir I scored 191 in jamb and I want to study econs and education should proceed with unzik post utme form or should I change another school

  29. venessa egbukichi says:

    I scord 216 in my jamb and 36 in my post jamb. Do i have any hope ?

  30. venessa egbukichi says:

    I scord 216 in my jamb and 36 in my post jamb. Do i have any hope of reading accounting in the school?

  31. Festus jr says:

    I scored 222 in jamb and 32 in post utme.. is there any chance of me getting admitted?? Am studying bus admin

  32. iamkosi says:

    I scored 209 in jamb
    And 36 in post utme..
    Any hope?? Pls

  33. precious says:

    I scored 217 in my jamb and 52% in my post utme
    med lab
    am I good to go?

  34. Ruth says:

    please i scored 201 in jamb and 38 in post jamb please is there any hope of me gaining admission mass communication

  35. Ada says:

    Please I scored 203 in jamb and 46 in postutme,,I changed to parastalogy,any chance of getting admission at unizik?please answer

  36. chigozie says:

    I got 243 jamb and 46% post utme, what are my chances for political science in unizik

  37. Henry says:

    Plz I scored 250 in jamb and 60% in post utme can I study pharmacy at unizik

  38. Sophie says:

    Please scored 232 in jamb and 38% in utme for accounting,how good am I to be admitted since first list is out

  39. Uchenna says:

    Am for 2020/2021 I scored 195 in jamb I wanna study medicine… Please I need help

  40. Iloke obinna Francis says:

    Please I got 209 will unizek. give me admission for. Radiography

  41. Onyemechi precious nbiahkem says:

    Pls sir 167 is my cut of mark will unizek accept it ?
    I just change it to unizek and I really don’t know what to do,will they accept it

  42. Maximus says:

    I scored 204 in jamb to study Mechanical engineering. Can I continue with the post UTME? I’ve done the calculations, in order to meet the cut off that was recently posted I need to score 65/100 in the post UTME. What are my chances looking like?

  43. henry Chukwuebuka says:

    Pls sir what is the date for post utme screening exam i want to know

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