How To Make ₦1.2 Million From Online Betting with Just ₦1,000

Betting has developed over time. It has evolved from just a mere ‘sport’ to a legit source of income. Although it isn’t something a bettor should put millions in, it is definitely worth investing several thousands in.

When done rightly, betting can be extremely profitable. If you understand how odds work, you’ll know that a stake of ₦500 can literally change your life.

However, it isn’t really that simple. Sure, your bet of ₦100 can win you some thousands with little stress but if you want to win big, you have to do more than just bet; you have to use betting strategies.

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In this post, we’ll be looking at a betting strategy that many bettors are using to win huge. If you’ve been having issues with hitting that million you have eyes on, this is article is a must-read.

Let’s get started.

What are betting strategies?

Betting strategies are various modes of ‘attack’ that bettors use. Think of your betting strategies as your game plan to victory. Your betting strategies are the key points you place importance on. They will serve as your pointers to victory.

In our post about betting strategies, we spoke about using factors such as weather and streaks to predict the outcome of a match. However, there is more to betting strategies. One of the most efficient strategies used by bettors is the ‘1k for 1m’ strategy.

Tools for the ‘The ‘1k For 1m’ Strategy’

  • ₦,1000
  • Patience
  • Betting Knowledge

If you have these tools, you are a hundred percent ready. As a bonus, if you have ngschoolz, your big win just got closer.

The ‘1k For 1m’ Strategy

In this strategy, the aim is to win ₦1.2 million from a single bet of ₦1,000. Now there are a lot of betting strategies that promise such a big win, but this is different.

With this strategy, you will simply need a thousand Naira and 1.30 odds. If you stake ₦1,000 on 1.30 odds 27 times, you’ll end up with approximately 1.2 million Naira.

1 ₦1,000 1.30 ₦1,300
2 ₦1,300 1.30 ₦1,690
3 ₦1,690 1.30 ₦2,197
4 ₦2,197 1.30 ₦2,856
5 ₦2,856 1.30 ₦3,712
6 ₦3,712 1.30 ₦4,825
7 ₦4,825 1.30 ₦6,272
8 ₦6,272 1.30 ₦8,153
9 ₦8,153 1.30 ₦10,598
10 ₦10,598 1.30 ₦13,777
11 ₦13,777 1.30 ₦17,910
12 ₦17,910 1.30 ₦23,283
13 ₦23,283 1.30 ₦30,267
14 ₦30,267 1.30 ₦39,347
15 ₦39,347 1.30 ₦51,151
16 ₦51,151 1.30 ₦66,496
17 ₦66,496 1.30 ₦89,444
18 ₦89,444 1.30 ₦112,377
19 ₦112,377 1.30 ₦146,090
20 ₦146,090 1.30 ₦189,917
21 ₦189,917 1.30 ₦246,892
22 ₦246,892 1.30 ₦320,959
23 ₦320,959 1.30 ₦417,246
24 ₦417,246 1.30 ₦542,419
25 ₦542,419 1.30 ₦705,144
26 ₦705,144 1.30 ₦916,687
27 ₦916,687 1.30 ₦1,191,693

The table is quite explanatory. The aim is to use ₦1000 without ever withdrawing from it. You can choose to make 1 stake per week and in 7 weeks which is less than two months, you’ll be done.

Of course, you can choose higher odds but it is not advisable. The reason that the 1.30 odd mark was chosen is that it is very probable. 1.30 is by no means a high odd and so, it’ll be relatively easy to find games with this odd that are relatively safe.

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However, before you start on this bet type, there are two things you should know.

You Need To Be Patient

A lot of people have embarked on this game strategy and made nothing simply because of their impatience. During the duration of this strategy, you are not expected to carry multiple tickets.

One game is safer and this is a safe strategy. Also, do not rush. This game strategy is for the patient.

More often than not, you may not come across any game you trust in the whole week. Rather than just staking on any game, it’s better you wait. It is even better to spend 5 months on it than to rush through it and lose your money.

This strategy requires more than ₦1,000 and 1.30 odds. It requires patience. If you do not have patience, gain some first if you do not want it to ‘end in tears’.

You Can Create Your Own Sub-Strategy

Several people who start this strategy create a sub-strategy. Here are some sub-strategies.

  1. Place in ₦2,000 for two separate games – To be on the safe side, several people duplicate this strategy and play it in two places. This way, the earning doubles, and yields faster. They have a higher chance of success. You can do it as a form of back up and security.
  2. Stop midway – Several people use this strategy up to bet number 20. At bet 20, they must have earned over a hundred thousand and so they stop, split it in two and continue to bet with the rest.

Although the overall earnings are not as much, it is better for those who do not have the courage to keep on betting with such huge amounts. The good thing about this bet type is that in the worst-case scenario, you lose ₦1,000 which is less than a month’s subscription. It is not a heavy amount and in the event of any loss, you won’t get wrecked. This betting strategy is perfect for those with betting knowledge and patience. If you put these things together, you have the highest winning chance.

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Also, with this bet type, you can actually go for those ‘sure’ games with low odds. The usual problem with betting is that the sure games do not give enough odds for winning. However, with this strategy, you can use that problem to your advantage.

If you are looking for a way to switch things up with your betting, this is an assured way for you to do so.

Do not forget to check through other betting strategies to help you get better at bet placing.

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