How You Can Promote Your Business With Branding,No Matter How Small

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About Branding:
When it comes to business promotion,there are so many things that you don’t know,and can hinder you from promoting your business to the next level,some many people has this strategic,in the sense that they simply believe that without enough capital that no need of promoting their business,but I want to let you know that quantity is different from quality,if I want to buy things tomorrow,what I will first consider is the quality of the product. Now let look at the below article.

Experts say business owners need to
recognise the relationship between
successful businesses and strong branding.
An understanding of this, they say will
encourage them to aspire to build a brand
that emulates well-known brands in the

According to them, branding is not just a
logo or how their business is perceived
externally but the business identity, and
represents the core of what the business is
and its values.

With the growing client demand for quality
services, they say focus has shifted from
just delivering a service like every other
venture to creating a long-lasting value.
Experts note that the dynamic nature of
business at the present time has
necessitated a transformation in the
product and service delivery that put the
mind of clients at rest on the quality of
service delivered.
What Is Branding:
Branding is a way by which this can be
achieved. Branding experts have described
it as an intangible asset of a business that
has a lasting impact even when the owner
of the business is no more.

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing
Director, KOFSOL Group, Mrs. Kofoworola
Olaosebikan, says for brands to remain
sustainable, there must be a change.
According to her this change can be in the
way business owners and managers think,
and sometimes a total change in the rules
of the game coupled with a change from
how the business is being run to how it
should be run, and transforming it into a
brand for the future.

Brands create customer value because they
reduce both the effort and the risk of
buying things, and therefore give suppliers
an incentive to invest in quality and
innovation. Branding experts have also
stated that branding can enhance the
customer’s experience aesthetically and

In recent times, researchers have
discovered that there is far more interest in
brands and recognition of their importance
than there was 10 or 20 years ago, however,
they say there is still great ignorance and
misunderstanding of many issues related to
Upgrading To The Next Level:
To upgrade to the level of bigger brands like
KPMG and Accenture which are the
foremost consulting firms in the world,
professionals in branding have pointed out
some things to note.

Create a unique logo:
According to Olaosebikan, creating a good
logo is a step in brand building because it
represents a simple way to convey the
values of your firm to your target audience
in a simple and effective manner.

She adds, “Branding with an excellent,
simple and straight forward logo will
popularise the business among the target
audience. Customers, potential clients,
stakeholders, and competitors will identify
what the business stands for, in comparison
to other company symbols.”

Build strong products:
One brand building way that works though
not new, but it’s improved upon a lot is to
have remarkable creativity in advertising.
Olaosebikan says this will help to break
through people’s wall of indifference to
create brand heat and lust on the product
in question.

Creating a new vibrant brand is a challenge
which requires sophisticated strategy. It is
not just about a product and a name, it’s
about a lot more right now, the brand
expert adds.

She says, “For example, businesses with
brands must ensure customer’s satisfaction
at all times. This satisfaction breeds good
relationship, which ultimately protects your
brand from competition. When majority
choose your brand because they are
satisfied with it, there is little or no
competition left for you to battle with and
resources that should be earmarked for
fighting competition goes into a better use
on the brand.”

Consider your service as a product:
The Senior Consultant, Strategy & External
Relations, ThistlePraxis Consulting, Emilia
Asim-Ita, says that in service delivery, to
maintain the quality, standard and for
increase patronage, business managers
have to apply the quality of a product to the
service delivery.

She says the reason why it is important to
do this is to remain relevant in an
environment like Nigeria, where certain
products are not valued and there are
complaints of high charges or in instances
when people don’t have interest in buying
new services especially in consulting.
The expert advises that another way of
achieving the right patronage is to
breakdown the service into objectives. This,
she says will help managers to put
dimensions and set a standard, in a way
that people can value it as a product more
than a service.

She says, “For example a particular training
that you do must have a name, a target
audience and training modules. In essence,
it is a means of developing the service into a

Be organised in the presentation of your products:
The consultant says brands must remain
relevant and appealing to the customers.
She says consideration should be given to
the first kind of product being sold, the
people they are offered to and other things
that are involved in the product.

For example, she says for products or
services, the manager should determine
how long it will take to deliver it, where it
will be delivered and the amount it will cost
for delivering the service.

According to her, the details that relate to
the presentation of the product should be
analysed. If it is product, what kind of
product is it, semi-solid, solid or liquid?
What type of packaging will you need and
means of transportation?

She adds, “For example the nature of water
tells you that you need to put it in a sachet,
therefore the kind of product will determine
the kind of packaging.”


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