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This is a very lucrative training you should never miss as a student because it plays a vital role in your life,if not now,it will surely help you in time to come,just take time and read the details below,after reading,simply apply below for your own personal interest and benefits.

You want to learn Android Programming
but never found the time or dedication to
jump into it? Here’s a great opportunity for

Android Fundamentals (https:// is an
online Udacity course created in
partnership with Google. Study groups are
organized sessions for students taking the
Android Fundamentals course to meet in
person after completing the week’s lesson
to discuss the content, work through
challenges, and receive project guidance.

Students in study group get:
– Free in-person tutoring and course
– Hands-on training session
– Support community of other students
– Discount on the Udacity “full course
experience” upon course completion
– Cool Gifts/Swag!

Area To Cover
At the end you will be able to develop a
complete Android app. This is not only an
“Android 101” class! These are the topics
• Setup of development tools, creating a
simple list-based UI application
Android Studio, ListViews, Adapters, Gradle,
• Connect to the cloud
Threads, ASyncTask, HTTP requests, Android
permission system
• Structure your app
Activities, Intents, navigation, implicit and
explicit Intents, sharing and broadcasting
• Persist data on the device
SQLite, ContentProviders, Loaders, Activity
lifecycle, JUnit tests
• Add a rich and responsive UI
Android design principles, localization,
screen sizes, Fragments, accessibility
• Running in the background
Services, Notifications, SyncAdapters,
Google Cloud Messaging

We will meet once a week for 2 hours, go
through the assignments (yes, some
homework is needed), discuss issues
experienced, and gradually extend your
knowledge to become an Android

The sessions will take place at LAUTECH ICT

This is the timeline:
April 29: General Introduction to Android
development, Brief explanation of the
Udacity Android MOOC and Sharing of
training materials.

•May 1: Create Project Sunshine set up your
development environment, Android Studio,
and learn about one of the fundamental
components of your Android applications.
Connect Sunshine to the Cloud

•May 6: New Activities and Intents. Lifecycle
and Databases & Content Providers and

•May 8: Rich and Responsive Layouts.
Services and Notifications

•May 13: Project Presentation, exhibition
and code party.

How To Apply:
THIS TRAINING IS 100% FREE! To register
your interest, Simply Click Here to fill
the registration form

Contact Details For More Inquiry:

Adebanjo Micheal
Ogunkunle Ayodele O.

Ayoola Abiodun
Mohammed Abiola A.

Iyanu Adams
Ruth O. Obe

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