How To Apply For KSU Merit-Based Scholarship Award 2017

Kent State University, KSU Merit-Based Scholarship Award 2017 | Application Guide and Requirement.

KSU Merit-Based Scholarship Award

KSU Merit-Based Scholarship 2017 | Are you Interested in pursuing a degree program in KSU?

The Kent State University, USA is offering the Merit-Based Scholarship Program to international students who wants to undergo an Undergraduate degree program at the Institution.

Kent State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled at the Kent Campus and the Regional Campuses. Scholarship awards can be based on a variety of criteria including academic merit, talent, demonstrated financial need, field of study, participation in a specific program, organization or activity, and/or any combination of the above.

KSU Merit-Based Scholarship 2017

This scholarship program is worth $5,000-$15,000 and it was created to provide financial help to international students in the USA.


  • – Applicants must be International Students
  • – Applicants must have completed their secondary school education.
  • – Applicants must have excellent grades from previous educational programs.
  • – Applicants must have a good Knowledge of English Language.

Application Process

Students will be automatically considered for the scholarship if they apply by the deadline.



Students who will receive an outside scholarship, grant, or other resource that will assist them in paying their education related expenses (tuition, room, board, books, travel, miscellaneous and personal expenses) must report that information annually by completing the Outside Resource form below.

Complete the Outside Resources Form

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship program is 1st October 2017.

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