All You Need To Know As A New Student – OAU As A Case Study

All You Need To Know As A New Student/fresher – Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU As A Case Study, Like: Registration Guide, Money Management, Relationship With Students, Academic Challenge, Study Tips, Required Documents etc


Well, as cool as it might sound, getting guided is inevitable. As you transition from the comforts of living with momma to single-handedly facing this big bad world of Nigerian Education, you will make a hell lots of blunders if what should be told to you is left in some grey areas.

Therefore, even though I’m busy preparing for some strange exams, I had to find time to write this based on my experience, ranging from Moving in and settling down, Blending in, Freshers’ euphoria and First days on Campus, Diving Into Academics, Finances and to some mistakes you should avoid, as I’ve had a good rummage and cleaned out every skeleton in my rather full closet of rookie errors. And now it’s time to share them with you, in the futile hope that you will learn and won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Firstly : Moving In And Settling Down As An OAU Fresher – What To & What Not To

  • Do not forget the essentials – Packing everything you need to survive for a whole year into one suitcase can seem like a daunting task, so it is perhaps inevitable that some things will be forgotten. Yet there are some items that you really need to remember to take along.For instance, you don’t want to come here and sleep on some iron bunks do you? Bring your bed along. If you are coming from a long distance, bring cash, you can always get a bed around here for an average of #4,000. Do not forget your documents!!! Of course, you can’t possibly forget clothes & shoes. Bring Your Textbooks, you are coming here to read. Don’t forget some kitchen essentials, if your mum is like mine, you won’t have  a problem with that. Meanwhile, you don’t need to pack like you are going on a worldwide tour, minimize your load, you can buy almost anything you need around Ife, that town is no more a village it used to be.


  • Avoid Bringing Pointless Things You Don’t Need – By the same token, don’t pack every single thing you own in your house into the back of your parents’ car. The fact that you are an English student doesn’t mean you will need your Secondary School Essay Guide. That was how a room mate of mine then brought a PS4 to school, we were like “Where the TV wey you wan use play am now??”.



  • Do Not Ditch Your Parents At The Door – That’s how some guys will be forming big boys once their parents get them on campus. They will no longer reply their Mama’s thick Yoruba accent they’ve been speaking throughout the journey. The desire to appear cool in front of potential mates and love interests might be huge, but don’t forget who drove you halfway across the country and changed your nappies all those years ago.


  • Avoid Coming Alone – You might want to try all your best to convince your parents to escort you, or try to get a fellow fresher so you can come together. This is no kid situation, it might really be hard settling down if you are alone. Struggling with your luggage as you fight your way through a busy path and at the same time still trying to catwalk, then you might need more legs and arms. Well, life is now easier with those Deeper Life brothers, they will be waiting at the entrance to help with your loads, but be ready to get your soul won by them.
  • Concerning Bedspace Allocation – Note that this is done on first come first serve basis and the allocation is random, that is, applying at the same time with your friend doesn’t guarantee same hostel, only on some lucky cases. And you can only apply after making appropriate payment(s). You will be required to print 3 copies of Bed Space Clearance Form from the e-portal which must be duly signed by you and the Hall warden. You are to keep one of the completed Bed Space Allocation Forms, submit one to the Dean, Student Affairs and the last copy to the Hall Warden to qualify you to OCCUPY the bed space allocated. Please note that failure to submit the Bed Space Clearance Forms automatically disqualifies the Bed Space Allocation.
  • You Might Want To Come Early Enough – Even if it’s just to secure a locker, you will be spending almost a year in that corner and would love to be comfortable.
  • Issue Of Hotplate – Though those hall wardens will dish out their own hostel-living guidelines and instructing you against the use of hotplates, probably for safety precautions. All the same, they won’t arrest you for using it. Don’t go and bring those 4-base electric cookers sha, you are not coming here on a cooking competition.
  • Pray Before You Come – You might want to fast and pray for some 3 days before resumption, even though I didn’t do this. But note that, not everyone that comes in will go out, this is just a bitter truth.
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That is that on that , moving in and settling down… The next Category Is About Blending in.

Secondly : Blending In As An OAU Fresher – What To & What Not To

  • Try And Get Camera-Happy – Even though you might not like the camera, probably due to beauty differences or some other reasons known to you, you might want to shine your teeth at that camera during your first few days as a fresher. Take pictures with people, with this you tend to blend in real quick.


  • Learn To Socialize – If you don’t have any friend who is also a fresher before resumption then I might want to assume that your social life is weak. I had more than 100 friends even before admission, from Facebook, Twitter and loads more. the number of OAU Freshers there will shock you. With this, blending in and making friends will not be a problem when you come in.
  • Do Not Hide In Your Room And Refuse To Come Out – When ya not a sadist. Though not every one likes going out, just don’t make it an habit.


  • Don’t Make Everyone Your Friend – The fact that you are all freshers and still trying to get along together is just some norms, everyone does not have to be your friend.
  • Mind Who You Follow To Wherever – Newly admitted girls are always very gullible, yea I said it. Just tell them you stay in town and would love them to visit you, you will see them jumping into those tiny trousers and following you like a prefix. Mind who you follow to anywhere!
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That’s That On Blending In As AN OAU Fresher.

Thirdly : Freshers’ euphoria and First days on Campus – What To & What Not To

  • Attending Every Single Freshers’ Event : We know some of us are social freaks and party animals, so? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am familiar with the phrase “go hard or go home”, but you know, sometimes sleep is pretty damn good. Yet aside from leaving you cashless for the rest of the term and with a serious case of the freshers’ flu, dragging yourself to every party going will not only take the fun out of the events you do want to go to, but is also completely unnecessary.
  • partyhard


  • Signing Up To Every Single Campus Society – Just few days on campus, you already see them claiming to be members of so many societies, ranging from Kegites club, Snake Dancers, Boys’ scout, Ladies drive, Topup Girls, Uptop Boys, Ife Law Boys, Computer Geeks, App Club, Get There Fast GP Crew… For what?? That’s what you are on campus for?? Scribbling your name down at every stall at your freshers’ fair can end up pretty costly, mind yourself.
  • Spending First Days On Campus Wisely – You can decide to spend your first few days anyhow you like, those are the most interesting days you will ever get on that campus. My First days on OAU campus were pretty stupid and I know it, but it left me with no regret and still had little effect on me after all. You don’t need to read heavily within these days, same, you don’t need to get carried away with the euphoria.
  • Following The Crowd And Peer Pressure – Often common with those freshers who have been constrained in some virtual cave for years. The fact that they are now free and out of parental control is like making heaven to them, they tend to go wild and do things they couldn’t do at home, like smoking, wearing trousers and all. Do not copy anyone, live your life with positive improvements and changes.
  • Concerning That Health Center Registration – Forget that registration for now and don’t let anyone disturb your head. That place is always crowded during the first days of resumption, go there by 3am and you will still meet more than 100 desperate heads. This is a registration you can do some other time around 7th to 8th week when everywhere will be free, be smart!
  • Concerning Those Deeper Life Tutorials – They normally spring up in large sum within the first few weeks of resumption, before lectures. Maybe, maybe not, these tutorials are useless. They tend to confuse your heads even before the lecturers start. But they are at times helpful, no knowledge is wasted.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Queue – Even starting from Hostel Registration, the first day will be rowdy but unknown to most, there’s is no gun to your head with the instruction that you must do it on that day. Avoid that queue and go do something meaningful. Go back the next day of next week and do it freely, no one will hold you.
  • Avoid Laziness And Negligence – For instance, Departmental and Faculty Registration, even though you can always come back for it. But come, be wise and make sure you go back on time. My guy neglected his Faculty registration till the Faculty Dean started looking for him, height of negligence. That left him with no ID Card throughout his first year and also some unreleased special elective results.
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That is that on , Freshers’ euphoria and First days on Campus… Now, Diving Into Academics

Going Further : Diving Into Academics – What To & What Not To

  • Talking Of Course Registration – Don’t pay anyone to do this for you. Even though the process is simple, ask around for guide. If you need serious help and I am your last resort, contact me, you can check my bio below the post for details.
  • Buying Every Single Book You See – When you are not trying to setup a physical torrent library when you graduate, there are some books that are not just necessary. You are bound to see books everywhere, even people selling recharge cards will start selling books too, just because they know freshers are gullible and would buy any book they see.Even past questions, not everyone of them is meaningful, I bought one PHY101 past question those days and I had to throw it in fire, it was just too bad. I won’t mention the name of the past question here, to avoid trouble. Engineering and science students should find a way to reach me if you want to know which past questions are the best.
  • book-piles


  • Spending More Time On Colours Than Notes – Freshers want their notes to look neat and also want it to pronounce their seriousness. Yea, we know, colour coding your notes and similar such “incentives” can seem like a really attractive nonsense. The fact is that, very soon, you might just need to put the highlighters down and get on with some actual work.



Now Talking Of Finances And Money Management – What To & What Not To

  • Spending Like JAGABAN – You are bound to temptations from some forces, mostly feminine forces or just an attempt of show-off that will stimulate you to spending like you own Don Jazzy’s bank account. This is not done, minimise your spending with the future in mind. You are in your first days on campus doesn’t stop you from cooking, there are so many things attached to Surviving On Campus Without Cooking – You Might Want To Read About That Here.
  • spending-like-jagaban


  • Forming Big And Not Bargaining – Make sure you shop around for the best of deals and bargain heavily. All those Igbo boys in Lagere are aware that fresh bloods are in town and will do anything to exploit you of your fresh cash. Always take the time to shop around before committing to anything and don’t forget to weigh up any extra perks they might be offering against real price differences.
  • Buying Your Entire Reading List Brand New – Why buy a brand new textbook when those guys at Anglomoz have the photocopied copy at barely 20% of the normal price. This is not stinginess but just being smart.Being an eager student certainly isn’t a bad trait to have, but save your enthusiasm for actual studying, as opposed to splurging cash when you really don’t need to. Endeavour to check out second-hand book stores or hit up students who are the year above you.
  • Leaving It Too Late To Find An Extra Means Of Income – You are obviously enjoying that sum your parents are giving you but might want to make some extra cash and be less dependent, then you shouldn’t wait too much before you learn about How To Earn Extra Income As A Student. This is not for everyone though, even though it does not matter you might want to avoid it and face your studies. You should know if you need it.
  • Not Taking Advantage Of Free Things – Don’t dull o! If you see them sharing food on a convocation ceremony on campus, join the gang, someone will eat yours too. This will go a long way in saving some bucks you might have spent on meal.

Enough of talk, Now to the documents that wil be required for registration

Original and four (4) photocopies of the following documents:-

(2) Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age

(3) Admission letter (printed with N1,000 JAMB E-facility card)
(4) UTME Original result slip (also be printed with another N1,000 JAMB E-facility card)
(5) Post UTME result/Pre-degree final result
(6) State Of Origin/Local Goverment Certificate
Upon successful access to the E-portal with your JAMB reg. no. Print out the following documents and also provide the original and 4 photocopies of each:-

(6) Notification of Admission
(7) Bio-data form (Course registration form
(9) Hostel Slip (optional)
(10) State of Origin/Local Government Area Certificate

Freshers are expected to pay fees as required by the university.

After making necessary payments :

Confirmation of admission on the OAU website shall commence with the payment of non-refundable acceptance fee (fresh students only).

Freshers shall thereafter continue with the registration procedure.

You will then be required to upload some of your credentials including Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age. Also, you will be required to submit your Registration certificate Form as downloaded to the Faculty Secretary. You will also be required to present the print out of the certificate form and some others for further screening on resumption.

All screening are to be done on-line. And you are expected to complete your screening before you come to campus.

1. Log on to the University e-portal using your Registration Number and the Password you used last on the portal.

  1. Complete the following forms correctly on the e-Portal.
    (i) CERTIFICATE FORM (for not more than two sittings)
    (ii) BIO-DATA
    (iv) BED SPACE CLEARANCE FORM (Optional)

The Course Registration Form will only be available upon:
(a) Successful filling of forms (i) and (ii) above.

(b) Payment of appropriate Charges at the banks.
Please note that 2000 spaces only are available for each of the Special Electives except SER 001 and LIB 001, which are compulsory for all Fresh Students.

  1. Problems, if any, will be addressed on-line using any of the following options:
    (i) Online help in the e-portal
    (ii) Six Hotlines will be available for contact (the Hot lines will be available on the e-portal)
    (iii) E-mail:- can be used as well.

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