In line with the NCCE guidelines, five school structure is being implemented by the College.  The schools are:

  1. Arts and Social Sciences
  2. Education
  3. Languages
  4. Sciences
  5. Vocational and Technical Education

1    The School of Arts and Social Sciences offers Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Religious Studies, History, Geography, Social Studies, Political Science and Economics.  Consequently, the following departments are operational:
(i)    Christian Religious Studies
(ii)    History
(iii)    Geography
(iv)    Social Studies
(v)    Political Science
(vi)    Economics
(vii)    Islamic Religious Studies
2    The School of Education offers General Education, Primary Education and General Studies in Education.  There are five departments, namely:
(i)    Curriculum and Educational Technology
(ii)    Educational Psychology
(iii)    Educational Foundation and Management
(iv)    Primary Education
(v)    General Studies in Education
3    The School of Languages offers English, Yoruba,     French and Arabic.  The School has the following departments:
(i)    English
(ii)    Yoruba
(iii)    French
(iv)    Arabic
4    The School of Science offers the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Integrated Science and Mathematics.  The School has departments of:
(i)    Biology
(ii)    Chemistry
(iii)    Integrated Science
(iv)    Physics and Health Education
(v)    Physics
(vi)    Mathematics and Computer Science
5    The School of Vocational and Technical Education offers Technical Education, Business Education, Agricultural Education, Fine Arts and Home Economics.  Consequently, there are five departments in the School.  They are:
(i)    Agricultural Education
(ii)    Business Education
(iii)    Fine Arts
(iv)    Home Economics
(v)    Technical Education