Different Types Of Land Documents (Know Your Land Documents)

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Different Types Of Land Documents (Know Your Land Documents). 

Land title is a document that determines the ownership of land or an immovable property. Having a clear land title protects the rights of the title holder against other claims made by anyone else to the property.

Land documents are the important thing that anyone who wants to invest his/her money in the landed property must know and understand very well about how long should it take to sell your house. It’s a pity that only 40% out Of 100%  land buyers knows and understands what this land documents really mean and the purpose which they serve.


A lot of people think that the C of O is the only Land Documents they must have or ask for before they buy any land, of which this is very wrong. Apart from the C of O there other vital land documents you must ask for before you buy any land.


For example many people make this mistake when they buy land and won’t ask for a Deed of Assignment forgetting that this land document is one of the important land documents you must have when buying land because without this it means that there was no transaction at all, no prof to show you are now the new owner of the land.

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Different Types Of Land Documents

Certificate of Occupancy
A certificate of occupancy is a proof of land ownership given to a land owner by the Government. A certificate of occupancy is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.

Certificate of Occupancy

Deed of Assignment
The Deed of Assignment acts a main document between the buyer and seller to show proof of ownership in favour of the seller. A Deed of Assignment is an instrument of transfer used in real estate transactions to transfer legal title or the ownership in a land or building from the title holder (called the assignor) to another called the assignee usually for a consideration (money or money’s worth).

Deed of Assignment

The Gazette is an Official Government Record book of all URBAN land within a state. Gazette provides a permanent official public record of important statutory and non-statutory notices that can be used to support legal and other processes, and act as a means of advertising public notices. This is a document that records and expresses the areas the government has given to the family and community to acquire and that the government won’t secure it for any reason with the exception of an appropriate information.


Survey Plan
A Survey Plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land. The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor general in Lagos as it relates to survey issues in Lagos.

Survey Plan

Governor’s Consent
A land transaction is only deemed legal in the eyes of the law when the buyer obtains Governor’s Consent i.e. if the buyer is not the first owner of the land. The Governor’s Consent is the approval that must be given by a governor of a state or his delegate in any transaction that has to do with the transfer of ownership or other interests over land or landed property in order to make the transaction valid at law.

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