University of Calabar, UNICAL sanitation day: all non-teaching staff of the University are to report to duty with their cutlasses, hoes, buckets and brooms.

University of Calabar

It has been observed, after the resumption of duties by the non-teaching staff that most offices and their surroundings have been overtaken by weeds and other debris. This condition is not only unhealthy to the workers but also unconducive for efficiency. As members of this community, it would be proper not to overlook our filthy environment in the course of discharging our official duties.

To this effect, the Registrar has directed all non-teaching staff of the University to report to duty on Friday, 27th November 2020 with their cutlasses, hoes, buckets and brooms, and should be casually dressed to fully participate in the sanitation exercise.

All Faculty/Institute officers and other Senior Administrative staff in the various Departments, Units and Centers are to coordinate this exercise and ensure full compliance by all the staff.

Deputy Registrars are to join the Registrar in monitoring the exercise across all the areas.

The Registrar is grateful for the anticipated involvement of all the staff in this exercise.

Dr. Citizen Ini Ekpo, mhpn
For: Registrar