7 Major Reasons Why Student Fail Examination

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Are you a student? Am motivated to share this article because its gonna release students from exam failure,most times things happen to many of us and some may not care to get ride of the wrong path and they keep making the same mistake over and over again. Here are main reasons why students fair examination.
7 Major Reasons Why Students Fail Examination – Emmanuel Worthwhile
1. Exam Anxiety:
Exam anxiety is one of the main killer of exam success,fear is a dangerous weapon,the moment you plant the seed of fear in you during exam period,I doubt your success,have you ask yourself why you fear in exam? Is it too hard for you to write? Inadequate preparation? Or you are forced to write the exam? Motivate yourself, encourage yourself by reminding you that others has passed the exam before you,be bold.

2. Inadequate Preparation:
This is one of the main reason of exam failure,how can you expect success when you never work for it? Is it possible? Some students finds it so hard to read their books and at the end they start blaming someone that it not his/her fault,before exam,make sure you cover your syllables,no one will set question more than your level,sit up and learn all you can before the commencement of the exam.

3. Over Confidence:
Its always good to keep everything moderate,some student fair exam because they feel it easy or they have read everything in the textbook,but at the end they start complaining, avoid over confidence during exam.

4. Time Management:
Time is part of the examination, they test your ability to work with time,some student do complain that there wasn’t enough time for them to meet up.
You should manage the little time given to you,avoid wasting much time on questions you don’t know simply skip the hard ones and complete all the ones you know,you feel it more simpler and when you are done,you can come back to the unknown questions if there is still time. Always time yourself while reading,especially if you have the idea of the type of exam you are going for.

During exams it’s not the worst idea in the world to stay of sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube altogether, but if you’re physically incapable of going cold turkey then limiting yourself to five minutes of ‘fun’ per hour of revision is the next best thing.

5. Examination Malpractice:
Exam malpractice don’t only contribute to your failure but can ruin your destiny,it has been discovered that most student can not write exam on their own and come out in flying colour,they always look for any chance to cheat,you must be scholar,simply take your mind off examination malpractice because it will get you nowhere.

6. Bad Memory:
Everyone’s understanding differ,but that doesn’t mean that some are blessed with higher memory than others,it simply the way you develops yours.

You can remember all kinds of crap from when you were a kid, so WHY can’t you remember things that you read just a couple of days ago? The reason is simple.
You’re getting old. You drink too much. You haven’t slept in 32 hours. You’re a shaking, jittery mess. You’d struggle to remember your name.

7. Bad Sleeping Habit/Not Getting Enough Sleep:
I have once shared an article here on how missing sleep can destroy your IQ,most student really fail to understand that night is meant to sleep,you may think it don’t have any effect but you maybe wrong.

Having a good night’s sleep has been scientifically proven to make you REALLY REALLY HAPPY. Not only that, but it improves a whole load of other stuff such as memory, concentration and energy levels.

Staying up late night with a multipack of Red Bull coursing through your veins may seem like a good idea at the time, but you’ll pay for it the next day (we’ve all seen THAT episode of The Inbetweeners, right?).

Put simply, there’s no better way to prepare for an exam than a solid eight hours’ in Snoozeville.

By Emmanuel Worthwhile

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