University Of Ibadan Student Died While Watching Barcelona Match-See Photo Here

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Mayowa Alaran

According an eye witness,It’s with deep heart of sorrow that I announced the death of an educator in KHE 200L named Mayowa Alaran who died while watching the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich match in Indy Hall yesterday night due to overcrowding……

So i learnt the University Health Services
(JAJA Hospital) rejected the Young Uite until he died,the source said.
Right now a protest is going on!!!!
May Almighty God give his family the fortitude to bear his loss.

According to a source in u.i who is
onsite gathering information on the said
student gave me a slightly different version
of the same story……here’s a part of it……..
The information that I extracted from the
individual that Participated in carrying the
collapsed katangite student that died along
the line was that, The guy is athsmatic, he
went to watch Football match in their
common room, along the line due to
unforseen circumstances he fainted,
instead of the students in the common
room watching football match to focus
their attention on him and help
immediately they didn’t but rather
engrossed by the football match they were
watching, it was only some few guys that
were faning the guy and by the time they
noticed that the guy had fainted after a long
time, instead of rushing him to jaja
immediately, they were still videoing and
snapping the fainted guy it too a long time
for students around him watching football
match to assist in rushing the collapsed guy
to Jaja. The person that was with him in the
car on their way to jaja affirmed that the
guy was already vomiting some foamy saliva
from his mouth and it was not too long
after they got to jaja that they were being
asked of his Parent or Siblings Phone
number………what For ?
All what majority of the students who
weren’t Present at the seen are hearing and
saying is Pure assumption,from what they
Speculate and Fabricated themselves.

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