Top Bad Loan Apps and Lenders in Nigeria To Avoid

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Top Bad Loan Apps and Lenders in Nigeria To Avoid. Are You Looking For Where And How To Get Collateral-free Personal Loans Online in Nigeria? Here Are List Of Loan Apps You Can Use And The Ones You Should Avoid.

Bad Loan Apps and Lenders in Nigeria To Avoid

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Currently in Nigeria, at least 90 million people live in extreme poverty as the hand of the World Poverty Clock ticks furiously. In 2020, many Nigerians were expected to sink deeper in the sea of abject poverty as crude prices dipped and the COVID-19 pandemic gave the country’s floundering economy further pounding and in no time, Africa’s largest economy by gross domestic product slipped into a recession for the second time in five years. It is not uncommon for many hungry Nigerians to borrow as little as ₦500 from a neighbour, friend, or relative.

Avoid bad loan providers that can frustrate your life, any mobile loan app that asks you to pay more than 100 Naira to get a bigger loan up to 50k as a service fee is a scam, run and uninstall it immediately. They don’t even offer a loan but gains access to your debit card details and later refer you to other loan providers, be wise.

I know how easy things have become when you need small money to take care of an urgent need, it only takes a few clicks on your phone and you will get an alert. No more insults from your friends, no one even needs to know that you are broke.

I have been monitoring all these mobile loan apps targeting Nigerians to see how every one of them works. Let not forget that I once listed the best mobile loan apps in Nigeria but today I am going to share the list of bad loan apps you should avoid by all means or you regret ever knowing them sooner or later.

Let me tell you, 50% of the loan providers are not there to help you but to frustrate you in such a way that you will regret your life. Moreover, when it comes to a loan, it’s all business but being too greedy and extorting money from desperate and helpless Nigerians in such a manner is unacceptable.

I am not trying to condemn any loan provider unjustly but after seeing what most of them are doing, I decided to warn people to stay clear from them or have themselves to blame at last.

Thanks to CBN for introducing a bank verification number (BVN) which brought the birth of a quick online loan without any paperwork. Most times I don’t download loan apps because I need a loan but for me to be able to review them I must download and borrow from them no matter how little.

I will explain the reason why you should avoid any loan provider that appears in my list of bad loan apps in Nigeria. The details will come after the list but remember it’s just a suggestion, you can decide to use the loan apps or not, but I have investigated them on my own, and I have a good reason why I said you should avoid them totally.

How to identify bad lenders (bad loan apps)

I repeat being bad doesn’t mean that you can’t get a loan from them but how they operate is the real issue and if you care about your respect and peace of mind, then avoid them. Below are the signs of a bad loan

  • Higher interest rate
  • Shorter loan duration like (7-14 days)
  • Bad lenders will create a service fee and interest differently
  • They treat their customers like trash
  • They send out abusive messages to all your contacts when you default even for a few hours.
  • Can start a fight even before the loan expires
  • They charge for card verification before approving a loan
  • Some don’t offer a loan but refer you to other apps and charge for services fees

Below is the mobile loan app you should avoid. Meanwhile, I am going to explain why you should avoid them because they will only frustrate you sooner or later.

1. Sokoloan

Sokoloan is not just a mobile loan app that you can use to borrow money but a loan company with more than 3 different mobile loan app that serves the same purpose. Yes, you can use them to get a loan, but they are unprofessional in what they do, and if you are not careful you will regret ever knowing them.

How come a company created a different loan app instead of improving only one, who told them that Carbon achieved great success and now becomes the best in Nigeria by creating multiple loan app. The reason is simple if you have an issue with one of the apps you will still end up using their other app unknowingly.

Sokoloan and its affiliates are there for real business and they don’t care who bears the pain or who you are, their interest and customer support is like a death trap. When you go to Google play store, they have good rating and reviews because they paid foreigners to give them 5 stars and most times they force their users to give them a 5-star rating to increase their chance of approving their loan.

I will not be able to explain what all these loan providers are doing one after the other but anyone that you see on the list below should be avoided. Most of them even belong to the same loan company (Sokoloan) while some don’t but they are terrible to do business with.

Example Of Sokoloan Embarrassment Message:

“This is to inform the general public that (name)(phone number) is a chronic debtor on the run with company money. Consequently, it is advised to stay away from him until he is arrested.”

“Suspected criminal by name(xxxx) with phone number (xxxx) carted away with company’s money and the police are out searching. Please notify us if found, or contact any of the family members please.”

2. 9Credit

Never try this loan app if you love yourself and your reputation because they don’t mind sending messages to all your phone contacts telling them that you are owing them and even tag you thief and fraudster even if it’s N3000.

However, they are very greedy their interest rate is very bad, imagine offering you N4000 to pay N6,500 in 7 days but if you have to don’t even miss a second in repaying the loan or you will have yourself to blame.


3. NairaPlus

I don’t see much difference in all these mobile loan apps, they are just there to add to your problem not actually to help you because their interest rate is not favourable at all and their loan duration is equally bad. Don’t use your hand and put yourself into trouble or you will learn the hard way.

4. Go cash loan app

Go cash is another bad loan app you should avoid by all means if you care about your reputation and it’s equally a bad alternative because their interest rate and loan duration are like a scam to me.

All these loan providers are too greedy and should be avoided because they are not actually helping you but worsening your problem. Run from any loan that doesn’t offer at least 15-30 days with a fair interest rate.

5. 9jaCash

I don’t even know what to say, they are just there same doing the same thing to helpless Nigerians that needed urgent money to take care of one or two things. Their interest and loan duration is not favourable.

They all use the trick that you should build a good loan credit before you can enjoy a good interest and longer loan terms but even after using them 10 times you will still be where you are. Avoid them and look for a better option

6. LionCash

No matter how urgently you need money avoid LionCash, they can threaten you even before the loan duration, they are rude and mannerless, the worst is that their interest and loan terms are not favourable at all and yet their customer’s service is very unprofessional to deal with.

Don’t say had I known at last because when you are desperate to get the money you don’t even think about the implications until later. Moreover, I am not only asking you to avoid all these loan apps because of their unprofessional treatment towards their customers but because their loan offers and duration are death traps and not actually a solution to your problems.

7. GMoney loan app

GMoney mobile loan app can be used to borrow money when you are in trouble but try as much as you can to avoid them because their interest and loan duration is not in your favour. They are greedy and ready to threaten you at anytime

If you must borrow from any of the apps I listed above then make sure you map out a solid repayment plan because they are not considerate and not ready to hear whatever you have to say unless you want then to tell all your family and friends in your contacts that you are owing them. They can even tag you as a thief and fraudster.

8. Fast Money loan app

Fast money is not different or better from other bad loan apps listed, and if you use them then be ready to face one issue or the other, the worst is that their loan interest and duration are very bad and should be avoided.

No loan provider has the right to threaten their customers and send abusive text messages to all their phone contacts but it seems they don’t care about anything but ready to go any length even to hurt you to recover their money so be ready for what is coming next if you don’t stay clear from all these unprofessional lenders that can frustrate your life.

9. ICoin loan

ICoin is not that bad, but their mode of operation is terrible, I don’t know if you are the type that can borrow a loan without any intention of paying back, never try that with any loan provider whether good or bad ones because it’s awful and can put you into trouble.

However, I understand that you might face unexpected challenges that might force you to default from the loan you borrowed. Putting that into account I suggest you don’t try using Icoin as an alternative for a quick loan because you will be paying up to 1000 for every day you failed to pay your loan and it’s not negotiable you must pay it afterwards. They don’t consider any circumstances but their money.

10. Getcash loan app

Get cash mobile loan app should be avoided by all means because they are one of those loan apps that doesn’t care about your previous performance using their services but any little mistake they will threaten and send text messages to your contacts and tell them that you are owing them.

Apart from that their interest and loan duration air very bad and not in your favour as a borrower. Avoid them if you want to have peace of mind. Your reputation worth millions so avoid them and don’t allow any loan app to destroy your image for whatever reason.

I will stop the list here but there are more than 50 bad loan apps presently in the Google play store. I know how desperate you might be when you need some help but has no one that can help except getting some quick loan from these companies. However, try as much as you can to avoid the bad ones or you will regret it later.

Beware of scam loan apps that don’t offer loan at all

I have seen many scam loan apps that don’t offer a loan but will charge you between 1000 – 5000 as a service charge with the promise of giving you between 50,000 – 500,000 with a 1% interest rate. They are fraudsters that don’t offer a loan but refer you to other loan providers after registration. You also risk your money when you provide your ATM details to them.

Please never try them or you will cry at last because the little money you have in your account will be wiped out gradually.

Even Google can no longer help differentiate between good and bad mobile apps. However, the options google uses to differentiate between good and bad app from their play store is through users rating and reviews but trust me that method has been defeated by fraudsters with evil intentions

Facebook on the other side is the worst, they don’t actually care about who you are or what you do as long as you have few $$ to spend on their adverts

Best mobile loan providers so far in Nigeria

While listing the bad loan app, I guess it will be helpful to list then best loan providers in Nigeria that will give you peace of mind but you must remain faithful to them to enjoy the best loan offer without any paperwork.

You can enjoy a longer loan duration and the lowest interest rate you can ever get in Nigeria. They are designed to truly help you when it matters most and they are not greedy compared to the ones I listed above.

1. Carban loan: Carbon is incomparable and currently the best in Nigeria, however, getting approved might not be easy but once you succeed you will know why they are the best.

2. Branch loan: branch is also a loan provider you should stick with, they are one of the trusted and best loan provider in Nigeria. As they say, nothing good comes easy just pray to be approved and you will enjoy the lowest interest rate and longer loan duration.

Other good loan apps are:

  • Fairmoney.
  • Aella Credit
  • Migo. money
  • Quick Check
  • OKash
  • New credit
  • KashKash
  • MoneyPal


My advice to everyone who is reading this to try as much as possible to make do with what you have but if you can’t, lending from an individual is by far better than lending from these companies. As one of the reviews read, “if you love your peace, avoid this app”. Save yourself, save your reputation. Avoid Sokoloan, 9ja Cash, Fast Money, Get Cash, GoCash and the likes! Avoid them like a plague! Do not let desperation lead you into a trap.

Have you used Sokoloan or 9ja Cash? What Share your thoughts!

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  1. Emeka says:

    NnA my brother Even kashkash and okash sef are bunch of liers and deceivers, they start disturbing even two days to the due date promising upgrade in your loan terms it’s so annoying. Well right now am sure am defaulting so am so ready for them. Good luck to me

    • Ngozi says:

      Pls how do I get out this because right now I’m a victim,they are fruasting my life,sending messages to all my contacts,telling them how I borrowed money and on the run.pls I have already defaulted.

      • val says:

        reset your phone , and put anti hacker app

        • Ginger says:

          Come again? Enlighten me please

          • Sec says:

            Imoney, Lcredit, Aim loan, Angel loan, true Naira, xcredit they are the worst

        • Elizzy says:

          You know what I will do this lcredit people eenh, there mouth will not be able to analyze or explain it I swear, I paid twice for a particular loan, my bank confirmed the transaction was successful but they’ve refused to pay back my money even after they told me it will be returned after 10 working days…. I obatined another loan they are now disturbing me for repayment after holding my own money and not saying anything about it again… I. Told them I will not pay any money until the pay me back my money(14k) with 6k interest cuz there loan self don’t last for 8days before they add huge amount as interest…. If they no pay I’m not also going to pay back the loan I collected last

          • Worlu says:

            Thank you my brother s and sisters. Angel loan Aand other s mentioned are criminals in overseas you can not see any loan that is for 7and 14 days but hear in Nigeria how can you meet up for just 7days with huge interest. You take loan of 7000 and pay interest of 4000 for 7 days. Please CBN should intervene Nigerians are suffering because of this criminals called themselves company.

        • Ft says:

          How does anti hacker app protect you from loan app

          • Jao says:

            These apps copy your contact from day one you gave them access to your device. They are selfishly built for their interest alone.

        • Rose says:

          Please enlighten me on this. How will it help please? 🥺

      • Zane says:

        Go to privacy in the settings, deny the app access to contact, messages, pictures ,WhatsApp chat n so on. Once u do that, they will start begging u

        • Tola says:

          From the loan app or from the phone

        • Edoma Udoekong says:

          You don’t mean it. Let me try it

          • Sec says:

            Imoney, Lcredit, Aim loan, Angel loan, true Naira, xcredit they are the worst

          • Ayomide Mary Obiageri says:

            Please hw do I go abt imoney problem after paying back twice and dey still disturb me wit different messages and threatening me

        • Gerite says:

          Thanks for this, Fair money really dealt with me last month. I just changed my settings, it’s pay back time 😡😡 FAIRMONEY is one of the worst app too. they’re not truthful

          • Ayo says:

            Please did fair money send text messages to your contacts?

          • Adejoh Gideon says:

            Pls I can’t find that on my galaxy c9 pro

        • Gideon says:

          pls I can’t find that on my setting.Help me pls.

        • Zee says:

          is it true?

  2. Agwunenu Gloria says:

    Can someone identify palm cash loan agency for me,I need to know more about them,their office address in Abuja and their operations,

  3. matthew says:

    you forgot to mention LCredit , they are bad and they frustrate your life to go and commit suicide

    • Fredwesley says:

      Lcredit is the worst, I delayed for a day and they sent a message to my wife, my father, my village chief. Kai, I for see any of their staff I for pluck him eye. Avoid then like corona virus please.

    • Luka says:

      You are very correct my brother Lcredit is the worst loan app ever, Even worst than corona virus

      • Eddy says:

        God bless you. You don’t know what you have done.

      • Wizzy says:

        Lcredit,imoney,nairaplus,true naira,cashsea,deloan, mintloan, 9credit,ncash,ease cash etc are all scammers.They will deceive u with calls and messages to pay before due date with the promise to increase ur limit and extend the loan tenor from 7 days to 30 days,and when that is done,they will keep mute and even go offline and the limit will either reduce, deny ur next loan and the same 6 or 7 days tenor.I advise u guys that if any one of them sends messages to one’s contact,that loan should not repaid.After damaging my reputation,they should forget the money.I can without mincing words,I can recommend fair money,branch kwikmoney(migo) and renmoney.They are professional in their services and with loan extension option. Yesterday,I called Lagos and Abuja offices of FCCPC to report those loan sharks to them of their unscrupulous services and extorting Nigerians of their hard earned income. I am ready for them.

    • Hãwtçhøcølate says:

      I once told them I was in the hospital and can’t take calls now bcos I was in pains that later in the evening I’ll do the payment. Was just owing for 3days OMO……..the lady said…..YOUR IN WHICH HOSPITAL? IT’S THAT HOSPITAL THAT WILL KILL YOU IDIOT BETTER PAY YOUR MONEY. I was shocked oh and vowed not to pay. I was ‘re ally in the hospital. Imagine those words. Haaaa

  4. Catherine says:

    9cash is also part of them! Palm cash, now cash, fornaira all are in d same categories. NKASH IS LIKE THEM TOO. In fact there messages can make one commit suicide. Most homes are in problem be cos of this unculture pple. Embarrassing pple cos of 2 days default sometimes it might be d network u will see how they will be ranting.

    • EVELYN AGBO says:

      It is true right now I am battling with them Nkask to the extent of sending texts to me telling me that since I refused to pay in morning and afternoon that he will turn to wicked this and disturb himself and not me because I am a child of God not because I took a and was sick

      • Jimoh says:

        Hi, everybody should run away from AIMLOAN. Honestly they are the worst, they are CRIMINALS

  5. Sanni Azeezat says:

    Sir, what of those that has drop their bank details to the bad loan app but later, the interest rate discouraged them from collecting the loan. I hope nothing will happened to their money saved in their account.

    • Dammy says:

      Nothing will happen to it

    • Wizzy says:

      The best thing is to change ur atm card.

  6. Oluwaseyi says:

    Naira box .. God will judge you

    • Mercy says:

      Did they scam u too, I just want to know if they debited u again apart from the first one u paid due to the details we dropped let me know if I would go to the bank to report them pls reply.

    • Godson ijeoma says:

      Naira box scam me too, that I should pay 5800 for processing fee immediate I paid everything changed they took me to different app

  7. Tessy says:

    Lcredit is the worst. Avoid them.

  8. Michelle says:

    These people are wicked. I hope I’m not wrong for refusing to pay them after they embarrassed me.
    Pls what about Xcredit, Quickcredit

    • Mhizvee says:

      No try xcredit o.. they’re like LCREDIT and the rest them worst sef

      • Tee says:

        Will xcredit call your contacts too

      • Ganiyu saheed yusuf says:

        The baddest of all is d loan. I borrowed 12k to pay 17 for seven day..On d due date they started sending messages to all my contacts n using different bad words on me. My BP just jump up like say.. Bit I promised dem I no go pay shi shi. My contacts should pay dem.

  9. Akinrintoyo Kikelomo says:

    Nobody mention about MINTloan. They are interest rate is crazy

    • Ginger says:

      My brother, this one called me on my due date by 7am saying I should pay before 9am or he’ll disgrace me. Like play like play, my WhatsApp contacts all got messages that I’m a rapist

      And it’s not the first time I’ve used them though

  10. Tina says:

    Evil people there money is not useful

  11. Francisca amosu says:

    After tarnishing my image to everyone I know is it wise to day I wnt to pay Dem bck because dis loan apps u mentioned are very heartless ND cruel,if I decide not to pay wat will happen

  12. Vanenwa says:

    Thunder locate all of dem, soko, u credit, cashmall, etc aimloan mighty thunder from mfm locate una

  13. vester4real says:

    Okash is just as terrible too. My advice is that before you borrow money from any loan app, first read other users experience / reviews on Google play store… especially the 1 star reviews. Then it will guide you whether to use their app or not.

  14. olakunle oluwatosin olanubi says:

    In fact that’s what i am facing presently they call me all sort of names and they expect to pay back, I told them that they should charge me to Court.

  15. Luka says:

    Lcredit is the worst please dont even think of runing away from them but flee from them they are unprofesionals. And can threaten you and your family’s life

  16. Job says:

    They murdered one loan agent last two weeks in lagos

  17. Emmanuel says:

    To u loan application is a scam. Nigeria beware. They are set up with the mandate to defraud Nigerians. They bring out a higher amount and will request that you pay a processing fee. Thinking your application is being processed, they will now decline your approval that you have a bad credit record. They will tell you that the amount paid is meant for credit check . Pls beware of the organisation

  18. Emmanuel says:

    Pls beware of TO u loan. They are scammers with the mandate to defraud.

  19. inemie says:

    I’ve been laughing my ass off, because I have been there. My brother, I couldn’t agree more.

  20. James says:

    I am surprised that you didn’t add Lcredit.I don’t know why that app still exists? They are fraudulent. They offer you higher loan amount and actually give less. Imagine you expecting a loan of 9000 and getting the end of the day, you pay 10k for a loan that is less than two weeks! All these with threats and insults

  21. Joy says:

    Sokoloan are all bunch of tout, I am pleading no one should near those agbero’s , they tarnished my image and included my husband that our families are thief and they tag my picture thief wanted to all my contacts and to my in laws. Sokoloan all of you in that company will not go free and my God will visit that company soon cos it will close off sooner.

  22. Ijeoma says:

    All these loan apps have taken people lives cos of 5000 u just start threatening them cos of money if u call my contacts if u like call police nothing will come out of pocket u will go to those contacts and call money u used the advantage that u have my account details to rob me of almost hundered thousand let me just say that u guys should avoid lcash, true naira, cash lion, naira plus, and all the lives they have taken becos of small money may ur companies ruin one by one and also Nigerian to have fault they work 4 them and they threaten their own people cos of stupid money u are collecting

    • Seyimi says:

      They are the fools in the whole matter. Those stupid Nigerians working for them. Me I owe about 40 of their apps, and I won’t pay a dime as they are all illegal.. Wicked and thieves.

  23. Ayomi says:

    U people should come to my aid
    These Lcredit people are bunch of idiots… I misplaced my phone… I couldn’t access my loan when it was overdue…. They started adding money, almost 100k… I borrowed 71k to pay 90k in 2 weeks. Not quite long they started calling my dad and sending bc to all my contacts, when I got my phone, I spoke to one of their attendant, he said I should pay the money I am owing, he will clear the overdue, now he’s threatening me again after I have paid over #100k

  24. Timi says:

    You forgot
    Bell loan
    Naira 9ja

  25. Omotayo says:

    Am also in thesame mess right now,those pupil can kill mehn

  26. John Rekwi says:

    Am also a victim presently I don’t know what to do my contacts are still calling my own case 50000 was withdrawn from my account and non of this app admit that it’s them, am confuse I can’t even eat please someone should help me on what to do

    • Betty says:

      Go to your bank and find out and also block ur card and collect a new one they will not have access again

  27. Bad man says:

    You forgot to put
    Ease money
    These two platforms are very dangerous

  28. David says:

    Please what’s the real and legit loan app I can get please DM me on WhatsApp 08127681215 I need a loan of 50k

  29. Rosemary says:

    Ur very correct my dear, they are wicked, my own case was that my phone, nd atm was stolen, the person use my details to obtain money from a lot of online app, was to retrieve my number nd got to know about it, I tired explaning to them but they ave refused so I ave asked him to go ahead nd do whatever they want, because I’m not paying for money I never obtain nd threatening me or sending messages to my contact is pointless be coz u don’t expect me paying, after damaging my images

    • Zenani says:

      Same thing happen to me too my phone was stolen with my ATM and my details was use to collect loan from a lot of online loan app these people started calling sending message to all my contact say am owning dem I won’t pay dat money anything they like let dem do very wicked people

  30. Esin says:

    Fairmoney, credit up, Xcrosscash and palm credit. Palm credit is the worst, a day before the due date, I was debited all my money without any notice.

  31. Psalm says:

    It’s time we attach phone numbers of this agents of crime. One of the most stupid people I have ever come across is a staff of LCredit with phone number: +234 814 818 2857. He went as far as threatening my life. After my experience with them, I reached a conclusion alot of cases of suicide could be linked to them. Kindly help me call the number above and advice him to get a real job and life.

  32. Thelma says:

    Na wao ,let me know about branch it’s a good one pls let me know,I don’t like problem

  33. Adejoh Gideon says:

    Pls I can’t find the privacy on my Samsung galaxy C9 pro.pls help me asap on what to do

    • Mitchelle says:

      Privacy can only be found on iPhones
      For andriods go to your settings check for apps then when you click on the specific app check for permissions granted and off all or better still delete the app all their access will also be deleted

  34. Bell@ says:

    You forgot:sparkle naira,bell loan,quickcredit,naira plus,iomoney,I money,kashkash,cash mama,next credit,xcredit,lcredit,true naira,cash lion,Do credit. They’re all devils. Imagine you’ve not been able to pay back loan then they start adding 1000 each day. Do credit and bellloan are the worst. All these loan apps have destroyed my relationship. They sent to my dad and entire siblings,my mother in law to be and all my contacts put together. Both people I frequently call or not. They said I’m infected with HIV/aids(cash mama),they sent to all my contacts that I’m a fraudster,showed all my details including my bvn(all of them) right now I can’t even stand my family including the one I was trying to build. Even my husband to be colleague that I just have his number in case of incasity,I was surprised when he called me because of it. My question is after all these did they still get their money? No,since they’ve tarnished my image and I can’t even find a way to get the money,they should not expect any payment from me because the shame is too much. If not that suicide is a sin,I’d have done it long time ago

  35. Seyimi says:

    They are the fools in the whole matter. Those stupid Nigerians working for them. Me I owe about 40 of their apps, and I won’t pay a dime as they are all illegal.. Wicked and thieves. After I have used them like 2 months and paid service fees of 12k every week. I later realised the app belongs to one or two persons. And they refused to even extend the days of repayment. In fact I am broke now, and they should come take me to court am ready to plead guilty.

  36. Abimbola says:

    My name is Abimbola I collected a loan from imoney which was to be due today 17th March by 12 midnight but to my surprise they have started sending messages to all my contacts just because I asked for thier location address in Nigeria that I’m a fraudster thierby assassinating my character which I have taken years to build I wish the Nigeria law enforcement the ICPC to go after this fake loan app IMONEY because they don’t have a verifiable office address and also killing citizen with high interest rate and charges

    • Wizzy says:

      Lcredit,imoney,nairaplus,true naira,cashsea,deloan, mintloan, 9credit,ncash,ease cash etc are all scammers.They will deceive u with calls and messages to pay before due date with the promise to increase ur limit and extend the loan tenor from 7 days to 30 days,and when that is done,they will keep mute and even go offline and the limit will either reduce, deny ur next loan and the same 6 or 7 days tenor.I advise u guys that if any one of them sends messages to one’s contact,that loan should not repaid.After damaging my reputation,they should forget the money.I can without mincing words,I can recommend fair money,branch kwikmoney(migo) and renmoney.They are professional in their services and with loan extension option. Yesterday,I called Lagos and Abuja offices of FCCPC to report those loan sharks to them of their unscrupulous services and extorting Nigerians of their hard earned income. I am ready for them.

      • Sina says:

        I am Also A victim .they see my picture on whassap send and call me fraud they say will arraign police that come an arrest me.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Whoever needs Xcredit and Imoney office address in Lagos: no 45, oduduwa crescent, GRA ikeja Lagos.

    Trust me they disguise like they are eatery. But with full squad I swear too God you will enter.

  38. Makinde yemi says:

    But all this app are still working as at today while they said federal government banned them

  39. Raph says:

    Go to settings on your phone then go to permission (or search permission) then go to apps…… locate the app and click on it, then deny all the permission granted to them…. ranging from contacts, camera and so on.

  40. Ali says:

    Wow I thought it only me so we plenty all those loan app are real thief I regret doing it

    • Shallom says:

      Please can this loans agents access my bank through my bvn? And can there report me to CBN with my bvn?

      • Wizzy says:

        They can’t because,they are illegal

  41. Shallom says:

    Please can this loans agents access my bank through my bvn? And can there report me to CBN with my bvn?

  42. GFRESH50 says:

    Abeg if I loan from a loan app and I no pay them go track me and arrest me abeg make person tell me

    • Wizzy says:


    • Loveth says:

      Don’t worry they will not do anything, next time if you want to apply just delete important contact on your phone just save wrong number on your phone they will cry like a baby

  43. Bukola says:

    I took loan from them not knowing they are Scammers ooo
    Though my due date is tomorrow and shishi I no get… though my parent’s contact are not saved on my Android phone but they do call me to my Android phone frequently.
    My question is can they get that my parent’s contact??

  44. Durojaiye Bola says:

    I beg am a victim infants nothing in my shop again, before I realized what happened now am just looking for were to get money and clear them ,then start again afresh with whatever remain in my account, but right now am in debts, please someone help me.
    This federal government loans is it working

  45. Ndidi fairwells says:

    Fast money is the most useless people I have ever known, I borrowed #13,000 to pay #21500 in 8 days, before the due date, they started auto withdrawal from my account with out letting me know that they are the one, to the extent of the withdrawed above the money yet requesting for more money and when I asked them why, the started calling my contacts sending them msgs on WhatsApp to extent of calling my old mother in the village, labeled me a Thief , Fraudster and ole with my pictures on it, Fast money loan App are fraudsters and agents of devil from the pit of hell, KEEP AWAY FROM THEM.

  46. Marian Ajibola says:

    We need to do something about these people before they kill Nigeria citizen

  47. Bolajide says:

    Please, what about EaseMoni and XCrossCash?

    • Joke says:

      I actually want to ask about easi moni as well ,is it the same as Okash or Opay

  48. Austin says:

    I am battling one with fairmoney now. They gave me loan of 350k, some hours later 246k was withdrawn from my account through their App. And they are claiming that I was defrauded, meanwhile it was the same agent that recommended the app to me that withdrew the money. They Used 50k out of the money and service the loan same day, then used 196k to load recharge card. Claiming that I will still pay for the loan.

  49. Ajani opeyemi says:

    What about renmoney

  50. Luka says:

    Too bad am sorry. But fairmoney are among the best oneline lender. But i advice you investige the situation very well as well as the agent and also the transactions that was carried out from the account, and that reacharge from the money in the account that was carried out. Goodluck

  51. Ewatomi says:

    Good one. Pls, my question is, how can I report a loan app that I didn’t owe money but yet send a hilarious message to my contacts, calling me a ritualist and kidnapper and releasing my BVN out to the public?

  52. Zenani says:

    Same thing happen to me too my phone was stolen with my ATM and my details was use to collect loan from a lot of online loan app these people started calling sending message to all my contact say am owning dem I won’t pay dat money anything they like let dem do very wicked people

  53. Ty4love says:

    Am a victim of this loan apps ooo am owing them as I am talking to you now …..and I don’t have anything in my account but they keep threatening me and increasing the money I own them…. They have been calling my contacts… please help me ooo

  54. Oluwatobi Charles says:

    But I heard fair money was one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. How come some people are complain about them?? Though few people.
    Please what is the loan duration of fair money please??

  55. Peter says:

    Its been an experience of regrets. I think these loan apps are orchestrated by the devil to frustrate people’s lives and most painfully deny people their peace. These apps have taken almost everything from me. I believe God will deliver Nigerians from this plague. Any loan app that cannot give you at least a month grace for repayment isn’t worth it. It’s been so sad experience to say the least.

  56. Bifom Desmond Ekure says:

    My own is I don’t even know how to start paying them ryt now am just tired. I don’t know how to block them from accessing my contacts.

  57. frank says:

    did you later pay ?

  58. Vicky says:

    This apps are from the pit of hell sent by the devi to cause harm
    It’s better to take a loan from the bank rather than these apps

  59. Durosinmi says:

    But I’ve never heard anyone said they remove his or her money due to the BVN and back and front ATM that was provided.

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