Difference between DSTV and GOTV

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Difference between DSTV and GOTV. Well, the difference between DSTV and GOTv is the technology used in transmitting their TV signals. DSTV deploys a satellite based technology while GoTV uses the DVB-T2 technology, a novel digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

Difference between DSTV and GOTV

DSTV and GOTV are two major cable TVs that are widely used in Nigeria. Even though they’re both managed by the same company (Multichoice), there are many differences between them. The full meaning of DSTV is Digital Satellite Television while GOTV stands for Go Television. Find out the differences between DSTV and GOTV below.

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Which Country Owns DSTV and GOTV?

Both of them are owned by a South African company known as Multichoice Africa. This company caters to around 50 African countries and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Mauritius registered business called Naspers Group.

Comparison Between DSTV and GOTV in Nigeria

DSTV and GOTV Price For Decoders

Firstly, the price of DSTV decoder is very expensive than that of GOTV because DSTV requires a satellite dish to be installed while GOTV does not. However, this also implies that there’s lesser issue with GOTV being affected by weather conditions or changes such as rain while the other one is greatly affected by changing weather.

To buy a DSTV decoder and get it installed, you need to have around N12500 to N65000 while GOTV decoder cost between N6000 to N9000 depending on the location of purchase.

You might be wondering why DSTV decoder is that expensive. Let us explain why. DSTV has two types of Decoders which are DSTV HD and DSTV Explora. Majority of the users would be very okay with the DSTV HD decoders which is for regular users. DSTV Explora is a luxury product for those who can afford it.

DSTV and GOTV Apps

Both cable TV each have their own app that can be downloaded from Google Play store and can be use to perform services like subscription, clearing error messages, contact customer care and so on.

Comparison Between DSTV and GOTV Channels

Here is another aspect where both cable network differs a lot. The cheapest GOTV package (GOTV Smaller) has just 36 channels and the most expensive GOTV package (GOTV Jinja) has just 57 channels to boast of. On the other hand, the cheapest DSTV package (Padi) has more than 40 channels while the most expensive DSTV package has more than 175 channels.

This is not very surprising as the prices of subscription for each one of them is quite different too.

DSTV and GOTV Packages

DSTV has 6 different packages to select from which are Padi, Yanga, Confam, Compact,  Compact Plus and Premium. The lowest DSTV subscription package is N1850 per monthly subscription and the highest package is N18400 per monthly subscription. GOTV has 4 subscription packages to select from which are GOTV Max, GOTV Jinja, GOTV Jolli and GOTV Smallie. The cheapest and lowest GOTV subscription costs N800 per month while the highest GOTV subscription costs N3600 monthly.

DSTV also have more subscription packages to select from than GOTV as we mentioned above which makes it a very good choice for customers that love having many varieties.

DSTV and GOTV Picture Quality

Picture quality on DSTV is much sharper and brighter than that of GOTV. This is probably due to HD being used on DSTV. Truth be told, we think many people might not actually notice it unless you’re told. However, if you’ve been watching DSTV at times without number, you might see the difference though. Notwithstanding, with GOTV having an affordable price tag, we can’t complain.

DSTV and GOTV Payment

Payment for both DSTV and GOTV are practically the same. Whichever mode of payment supported by one is also supported by the other. So, in this aspect, there’s no difference between them.

DSTV and GOTV Upgrade

To upgrade from one subscription plan to another is very easy to do on both cable TVs. You can call their customer care numbers, use DSTV and GOTV apps respectively or go to their offices to get it done. The easiest method is through the apps though.

One awesome thing about upgrading to a higher package on both cable network is the fact that you don’t need to pay full amount for the upgrade, you only need to balance the amount of the package you’re upgrading to. However, the number of days remaining for the previous package is going to stay the same for the package you upgraded to.

DSTV and GOTV Update

Update for both of them is done Over The Air (OTA) so you aren’t required to do anything. Whenever there’s an upgrade, you only need to select okay and the update will run itself till completion.

Between DSTV and GOTV, Which is The Best?

DSTV is the best if you have more money to spend and also want to have more variations of channels to select from. However, if you are low on budget and still want to watch a cable network, then, GOTV would also serve you well while saving you a lot of subscription cost.

So, now you know the difference between DSTV and GOTV. If you have other questions, drop them in the comment section below.

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