JAMB 2017 Use Of English: 26 Most Likely Questions From Forcados High School

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Here are 26 possible questions from the Compulsory Text: Last Days at Forcados High School
Answer them and lets see how prepared you are.


Most Likely Questions From Forcados High School


1. Mrs. Kemi Solade died of
A. cancer
B. shock
C. ovarian cancer

2. ________is the principal of Sy. Catherine
A. Mr Mallum
B. Mrs Obanje
C. Mr Vann
Mr Tade

3. Efua can be described as
A. arrogant
B. liar
C. unfortunate and victim
of circumstances
D. spoilt child

4. ________ is fond of Jimi and called him by
his full name Akinjimi
A. Risikat
B. Mama Silifat
C. Funmi
D. Aunt

5. ________ violated and intimately harassed
A. Jimi Solade
B. Jolly Stephens
C. Efua’s
D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

6. _______ is nicknamed cane by the student
A. Mr Bade
B. Mr Vann
C. Miss Agbenenovi
D. Mr. Mallum

7. The rhymers are
A. the choir of St. Catherine School
B. Jimi, Ansa and Nene
C. group of five boys at Forcados high school
D. Some girls at Forcados High School

8. Why did the Principal of Forcados High School choose to reinvestigate the theft of the laboratory equipment?
A. He knows Jimi Solade couldn’t do such things
B. He knows some bad gangs must have influenced Jimi Solade
C. Efua challenge at him during Jimi’s public apology
D. intervention of uncle Kazeem

9. ___________ arrived from United Kingdom
for the burial of Kemi
A. Femi
B. Wole
C. Uncle Kazeem
D. Aunt Memunat

10. One of these suffered from child abuse
A. Wole Solade
B. Jolly Stephens
C. Efua
D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

11. Mr Vann is the
A. Mathemaatics Teacher
B. English teacher
C. Chemistry teacher
D. Physics teacher

12. Funmi’s reason for remarry is
A. for better life
B. to have a man assist her in upbringing her only daughter
C. to have more assistance
D. for financial assistance

13. Unlike Jimi, Efua is
A. not close to her mother
B. is good in all subject
C. close to her mother
D. none

14. The principal of Forcados high school is
A. Mrs Obanje
B. Mr Mallum
C. Mr Vann
D.Mr Salami

15. According to the principal Miss. Agbenenovi is to occasionally fill in for
A. Mr Mallum
B. Mr Bade
C. Mr Mallum
D.Mr Salami

16. Efua’s attitude to people must have been influenced by
A. lack of motherly trust
B. lack of motherly attention
C. memory of intimate harassment and violation
D. all of the above

17. One of these do not attend the same primary school with with Jimi Solade
A. Nene Ekpo
B. Jolly Stephens
C. Efua Coker
D. Ansa Izaegbegbe

18. _______ is the head boy of Forcados High
A. Seyi Lawal
B. Jimi Solade
C. Ansa Izaegbegbe
D. Jolly Stephens

19. _______ has unspoken contest will Jimi
over chemistry result
A. Ansa
B. Seyi
C. Eze
D. Jolly

20. Aunti Moni is
A. Mrs Solade
B. Mrs Alli
C. Mrs Ekpo
D. Mrs.

21. Efua’s was expelled from St. Catherine School because
A. she ran away from school without notice
B. her defiant reply to the principal
C. she perform woefully at the last exam
D. she is sick

22. Ansa wants to study
A. Electrical Engineering
B. Architecture
C. Medicine
D. Fine art

23. __________ photocopy Efua’s letter to Miss,
Novi and circulate it in the school
A. Nene Ekpo
B. Jolly Stephens
C. Ansa
D. Seyi Lawal

24. Efua danced with _________ at Mid-term
dinner of Forcados high School
A. Jolly
B. Jide
C. Jimi
D. Ansa

25. Efua shared her life experience with
A. Nene Ekpo
B. Mrs Tanimoro, the guidance counsellor
C. Mr Mallum
D. Mrs Ekpo

26. The head girl of Forcados high school is
A. Efua
B. Nene
C. Ada
D. Caro

27. Gorilla referred to
A. One of the four sport houses at Forcados B. old
people at Forcados C. group of five boys at
Forcados that compose Hip-hop lyrics D. Teacher

28. The four sport houses at Forcados high school was named after
A. Planets B. wild animals C. Elites in the
communities D. Last four outstanding graduated

29. Caro is referred to as Queen Bee because
A. of her perpetual disdainful expression B. she is
the prettiest girl in the school C. She is Jimi’s
favourite D. She is aggressive

30. Okoro is
A. the labour prefect B. one of the laboratory
technicians C. miserable bully D. one of the

31. Kola could never forgive Wole for
A. breaking into Forcado’s laboratory B. forging
his signature C. brining shame of Solade’s family
D. for being a drug peddler

32. Who is referred to as the old bear?
A. Kola Solade B. Okoro C. Jolly Stephens D. Jimi

33. __________ is referred spark
A. Jimi B. Efua C. Eze D. Wole

34. __________ is the Chemistry teacher at Forcados
High School
A. Mr Salami B. Teacher Bade C. Mr Edet D. Miss

35. St Catherine School uniform is
A. black and white B. purple C. lilac D. blue

36. Who is referred to as the old lion?
A. Uncle Kazeem B. Mr Mallum C. Jimi’s father D.

37. Rat-face is
A. one of the bullies at Forcados B. one of the
burglar of Forcados’s laboratory C. one of the
people at the bar which Wole and Jim visited D.
Ansa, the shy boy

38. Hadiza is
A. a friend of Nene Ekpo in her primary school B.
classmate mate of Nene Ekpo C. a friend of Efua
in her former school D. the only gril the go along
with Efua

39. Who is nicknamed ‘The Witch?’
A. Nene B. Caro C. Efua D. Risikat

40. ___________ referred to Nene Ekpo as fashion
A. Efua B. Caro C. Hadiza D. Ansa

41. Forcados High School compete with one of these school in a debate
A. St. Edmund Comprehensive High School B.
Peter Mary C. St. Catherine D. None

42. Who referred to Jimi as disgusting, hateful
A.Nene Ekpo B. Efua C. Caro D. Mr Mallum

43. ___________ played football together with Jimi
A. Ansa B. Eze C. Seyi D. Bayo

44. Efua wishes to get in touch with
A. Jimi B. Nene C. Caro D. Dodo

45. Nene Ekpo brother attends day care at
A. Peter Mary B. Morther’s Joy Nursery School C.
Daddy Care home D. Babysitter Home

46. Nene takes the lead role in a cultural art drama called
A. Ajantala B. A o merin Joba C. Oluronbi D. Ijapa
Oko Yanrinbo

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