Top 45 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

Top 45 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians. If you have your national passport as a Nigerian and you’re wondering if there are free countries you can travel to without Visa, wonder no more. There are Nigeria Visa-free countries you can travel to for a relatively short period of time. However, some of these Nigeria Visa-free countries may grant you a Visa on Arrival for a period of time. Thus, you’ll need to know the Nigeria Visa requirement for the country you hope to travel freely to.

Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

Traveling for study may require you to acquire a student Visa as these Nigerian Visa-free countries offer a short period of stay.

However, you may want to satisfy your adventure hunger without incurring unnecessary Visa costs. Following our comprehensive list will just help you achieve that.

Currently, Nigerian citizens have Visa-free or Visa on arrival access to only 45 countries. The majority of these countries are in the Africa continent.

In this post, we will share with you the list of these Nigeria Visa-free countries. Also, we categorized these countries by continent for ease of understanding and navigation.

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List of Visa-free Countries for Nigerians

Henley Passport Index ranks the Nigerian passport 98th in terms of travel freedom. This is because we can access only  45 countries without Visa or through Visa on arrival. In the nearest future, Nigeria may rank better as the list is ever-changing.

With the introduction of E-Visas, you can access more countries free through Visa on arrival. This is a progressive trend which some countries in Africa like Gabon have embraced, only they are yet to give Visa on arrival.

Having said that here are the 45 countries you can access visa-free with your Nigerian passport.

Barbados Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis
Benin Republic Iran Samoa
Burkina Faso Kenya Senegal
Cambodia Liberia Seychelles
Cameroon Madagascar Sierra Leone
Cape Verde Maldives Somalia
Chad Mali Somaliland
Comoros Mauritania South Ossetia
Cote d’Ivoire Mauritius The Gambia
Dominica Micronesia Timor Leste
Ethiopia Mozambique Togo
Fiji Island Niger Republic Transnistria
Ghana Palau Tuvalu
Guinea Palestine Uganda
Guinea-Bissau Rwanda Vanuatu

We will thus go ahead to describe these countries based on their continents and type of visa-free access – absolutely free or Visa on arrival.

Also, we will explain the Visa requirements for each of these countries you can visit without Visa with your Nigeria passport.

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African Countries 

The African continent has the largest number of countries a Nigerian can visit visa-free with their Nigeria passport. Some of these countries share the same border with Nigeria, while some others are Visa-free because of some trade or regional agreements.

Whichever is the case, Nigerians can visit some Africa countries with their passports absolutely Visa-free or through Visa on entry.

African Countries that are Absolutely Free

Nigerians can visit sixteen (16) African countries without a visa for free with their national passports. However, these countries are mostly West African countries, like Nigeria.

Here is the list of absolutely visa-free countries for Nigerians.

Benin Republic The Gambia Niger Republic
Burkina Faso Ghana Senegal
Cameroon Guinea Sierra Leone
Cape Verde Guinea Bissau Togo
Chad Liberia
Cote d’Ivoire Mali
Benin Republic

This is a West African country that shares borders with Nigeria. Because of this and the fact that they are members of the Economic Community of Wst African states with Nigeria, Nigerians can enter without a visa. the Pendjari National Park, which was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in March 2009, is located in the Benin Republic. The Nigeria visa requirement for this country, however, is a 90-day stay without a visa.

Burkina Faso

Like the Benin Republic, Burkina Faso is also a West African country. The country’s name literally translates to “The land of honest men.” Burkina Faso has a significant amount of gold reserves. Meanwhile, Burkina Faso is a Nigeria visa-free country and the visa requirement is a stay for as long as you can provide a return ticket.


This is a central Africa country which shares borders with Nigeria. Cameroon speaks both French and English and like Nigeria, has both Muslims and Christian make up their population. Meanwhile, Cameroon is a Nigeria visa-free country and its visa requirement for Nigerians is a stay of 90 days. While at Cameroon, however, you may like to visit the Limbe Botanic Garden or the Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe.

Cape Verde

This is a West African country which Portugal colonized. Meanwhile, Cape Verde is an island country with a great tourist attraction, as well as a variety of fresh fruits. This is also one of the countries that are visa-free for Nigerians.


Chad is located in Central Africa and home to a wide variety of wild animals. If you love an adventure in the wild, you can visit Chad’s Zakouma National Park. Meanwhile, Chad is another Nigeria visa-free country with a visa requirement of 3-month stay for Nigerians.

Cote d’Ivoire

This West African country’s capital, Abidjan, is dotted with hills as well as lush tropical flora. Cote d’Ivoire is also one of the Nigeria visa-free countries. Nigerians may visit the country without having to worry about paying for Visa.

The Gambia

This is a West African country which occupies the length of the Gambia River valley as well as its surrounding hills. The Gambia is also the smallest country in Africa. One beautiful place to visit in this peaceful country is the gorgeous Sanyang Beach. The Gambia is also one of the Nigeria visa-free countries.


Of course, Ghana is located in West Africa and is a member of the ECOWAS like Nigeria. However, Ghana is increasingly becoming a favourite tourist destination with its historic slave trade artefacts as well as beautiful beaches like Kokrobite and Winneba. Meanwhile, Nigerians can get entry into this country visa-free or through visa on arrival.


Guinea is also a West African country with a large deposit of natural resources including bauxite and gold. It is also one of the countries that offer Nigerians access without a visa.

Guinea Bissau

Like Guinea, Gineau Bissa is also a West African country. This country borders Guinea to the South and East and Senegal to the north. While this country has a good number of forests and chimpanzees it is also a Nigeria Passport visa-free country.


Liberia is one West African country with strong ties to the United State. It also has a couple of exotic beaches in and surrounding the capital city Monrovia. Meanwhile, this country offers Nigerians visa-free access.


Mali is located in the Sahel region of Africa. Although ploughed with a past of struggle, Mali has four UNESCO World-Heritage sites. This is also a country which is visa-free for Nigerians with Nigeria passport.

Niger Republic

The Niger Republic is located in West Africa like Nigeria and also belong in the same regional body – ECOWAS. While this country also shares borders with Nigeria, it gives Nigerians with a Nigeria passport visa-free access.


This is also a West African country teeming with wildlife. Also, Senegal is a member of ECOWAS, like Nigeria. For this reason basically, the country is visa-free for Nigerians with a Nigeria Passport. However, the Nigeria visa requirement for this country is a stay of 90 days.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is also a West African Country as well as an ECOWAS member. Some of the country’s tourist attractions are the beaches in Freetown and Banana Island. Meanwhile, this county is also a Nigeria visa-free country for Nigerians with their national passport.


Togo is a West African country which has a good number of white-sandy beaches, hills, and mountains. This country also provides Nigerians visa-free access.

Visa on Entry African Countries

Compared to the absolutely free African countries Nigeria passport holders can visit, there are fewer countries here. Nigerians can visit a total of twelve (12) African countries for free with Visa on Arrival. Also, most of the countries here are East African countries.

Here is the list of visa on entry African countries for Nigerians.

Comoros Mauritania Seychelles
Ethiopia Mauritius Somalia
Kenya Mozambique Somaliland
Madagascar Rwanda Uganda

This is an East African Island country facing Mozambique to the East and Madagascar to the North-West. One of the Comoro Islands’ tourist attraction is its Lac Sale lake. However, Nigerians may need a visa on arrival to gain entry to this country.


Ethiopia is located in East Africa, the Horn of Africa. It is is a rugged, landlocked country which the Great Rift Valley splits. Also, it is Africa’s most populous country with a population of 106 million people. One of this country’s great sites is Aksum, the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and Our Lady Mary of Zion church. Meanwhile, this country offers Nigerians with Nigeria Passport an eVisa as well as a Visa on arrival for up to 90 days.


Kenya is also located in East Africa and has flourishing wildlife where tourists travel for Safari. This country is also one of Africa’s most impressive locations for a vacation. However, this beautiful country with Savannah flatlands and tropical woodlands offer Nigerians with Nigeria Passport access via visa on arrival. Also, like Ethiopia, Kenya offers e-Visa and the Nigeria visa requirement is a 90-day free stay.


Also, in Madagascar, which is also located in East Africa, you can get access into the country as a Nigerian via the visa on arrival. Although it is located in Africa, people refer to Madagascar as the 8th continent, with its unique ecology. It is also an island surrounded by the Indian ocean, which is a beautiful sight on its own. Madagascar is also a Nigeria visa on arrival country. Also, the Nigeria visa requirement for this country is a 90-day free stay.


Mauritania is situated between Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Senegal, and the sweep of the Atlantic Ocean. You can tour the desert in Chinguetti on a camel for as long as your fee allows. Meanwhile, Mauritania offers Nigeria Passport holders only visa on arrival access.


This is also an East African country located along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has long stretching beaches suitable for scuba diving as well as impressive volcanic peaks. While the country speaks French and English, it offers Nigeria Passport holders visa on entry access only. Also, Nigeria visa requirement for this country is a two-week free stay.


This is the only southern African country that offers Nigerians visa-free access. Mozambique is located on the eastern coastline of the Indian Ocean. This is an ideal location for you if you love beaches and scuba diving. Meanwhile, Mozambique offers Nigeria Passport holders visa on arrival for a duration of 30 days.


Back to Eastern African countries, we have Seychelles. This country is located off the coast of East Africa in the Indian ocean. Seychelles is an island country bordered by other islands like Zanzibar, Madagascar, and Mauritius. You can already imagine what beauty the country is. However, Seychelles offer Nigerians a visitor’s permit on arrival. Also, the Nigeria Visa requirement for Seychelles is three (3) months.


Somalia is also in East Africa. It is a country with tantalizing scenery, extreme weather, and swarming wildlife. If you are a lover of animals you will see animals ranging from meerkats to lions at the zoo in Lag-Badana Park. However, Somalia is a Nigeria visa on arrival country and the visa requirement is a 30-day free stay.


This country, from the name, is an autonomous region of Somalia but the region has self-declared itself a state. Meanwhile, like Somalia, it is located in East Africa. the Laas Geel cave on the rural outskirts of Hargeisa, Somaliland contains some of the earliest known cave paintings in the Horn of Africa. However, like Somalia Nigerians can gain access to the country via visa on arrival for a duration of 30 days.


Uganda is also located in the East Africa region of Africa. Many people know the country as the Pearl of Africa, and the country has various kinds of African fauna. While you can have a really pleasant gorilla tracking adventure in Uganda, the country is also a Nigeria visa on arrival country. Furthermore, Uganda offers eVisa in addition to their visa on arrival and you may apply for it online.

American Countries

It is not only in the African continent that Nigerians can travel to without visas or with visa on arrival. Nigerians can also gain access to a limited number of countries in the American continent.

There are presently only four (4) Nigeria visa-free countries in America and fortunately, they are all absolutely visa-free. These countries are Barbados, Dominica, Haiti, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.


This country is located in the Carribean regions of North America. Barbados is in the Western area of the North Atlantic as well as East of the Windward Islands and the Carribean sea. Also, Barbados is your place of beaches if you live for seeing beaches. Meanwhile, this country offers Nigerians visa-free access and the Nigeria visa requirement is a maximum free stay of six (6) months.


Like Barbados, Dominica is also a Carribean region of North America. However, Dominica is a mountainous Carribean Island with waterfalls, gorges, steamy hot springs, and tropical rain forests. Dominica is an exquisite site for lovers and vacation seekers. While Dominica is a Nigeria visa-free country, your visa requirement is a maximum of six (6) months stay.


Haiti is also a North American country. It occupies the western third of the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. Like Dominica, Haiti is also a mountainous Caribbean island. Thus, this is a location for hikers and explorers. Also, while Haiti allows Nigerians absolute visa-free access to the country, you can only stay for three months without a visa.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island country in the West Indies region of North America. Also, this is a country with cloud-shrouded mountains and beaches. Saint Kitts is a beautiful island with the Crater Lake, green vervet monkeys and rainforest crisscrossed with hiking trails. This is definitely another hiker’s location. Meanwhile, Nigerians visiting this country visa-free can stay for only 30 days.

Asian Countries

Just as Nigerian Passport holders can visit some countries in America without a visa, so too can visit some countries in Asia. There are currently five Nigeria visa-free (5) countries in the Asia continent. These countries are CambodiaIranMaldivesTimor-Leste, and Palestine. However, only Palestine, of these five Asian countries, give an absolute visa-free entry to Nigerians. The other four grant Nigerians visa on arrival.


Cambodia is located in Southeastern Asia. In addition to the benevolent and welcoming nature of its people, Cambodia also has a couple of exotic beaches that are worth seeing. Meanwhile, this Asian country grants Nigerians free entry into their country via visa on arrival and the Nigeria visa requirement is for a maximum stay of 30 days. Additionally, Cambodia also offers eVisas.


This is a popular middle east Asian country. The country became Iran from Persia as it was formerly called in 1935. Meanwhile, Iran offers you enjoyable tours to its Ancient cities, Armenian churches, and Museums. However, Iran is a Nigeria visa on arrival country and your duration of stay with the visa is a maximum of 30 days.


This country is located in South Asia and comprises of over a thousand coral islands, excluding tourist resort islands. Couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon come to this country of bountiful agriculture and beaches you can surf on. Meanwhile, you get free access to this country as a Nigerian via visa on arrival and you are limited to a 30-day stay.


Many people call this country East Timor. It is located in Southeast Asia and lies northwest of Australia in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Although it is a small country, Timor-Leste is one of your destinations if you wish to go scuba diving and sea exploring with the Cairns Australia being top one in the list. Meanwhile, East Timor grants Nigerians free access to the country via visa on arrival. Also, the Nigeria visa requirement specifies a 30-day maximum stay.


Palestine, with its capital as Jerusalem, is located in Western Asia. Although Palestine may not be a tourist attraction the country is a historical, religious, and cultural heritage than perhaps any other place in the world. Thus the country has more Muslims and Christians visiting on pilgrimages. Meanwhile, this is a Nigeria visa-free country but you are not allowed to enter the country by sea to the Gaza Strip.

Oceania Countries

The Oceania continent spans the eastern and western hemispheres and includes  Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Nigeria Passport holders can also explore these parts completely free without a visa or through visa on arrival.

Presently, there are six Nigeria visa-free countries in Oceania. They are MicronesiaVanuatuFijiPalauTuvalu, and Samoa. Also, Micronesia, Vanuatu, and Fiji are visa-free countries for visiting Nigerians. However, PalauTuvalu, and Samoa provide Nigerians with visa on arrival.


The Republic of Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean and has 333 islands. Also, Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific. Fiji with its bountiful islands has some of the most exotic beaches and diverse marine life as well as beautiful tropical scenery. Meanwhile, Fiji allows Nigeria Passport holders only four (4) months of absolute visa-free stay.


The Federated States of Micronesia, comprising of 600 islands, spreads across the western Pacific Ocean. Some of the exquisite pictures of palm-shaded beaches are from this country. You can also involve in wreck-filled dives and see ancient ruins like those at Nan Madol in Micronesia. You can do all these as Micronesia is a Nigeria visa-free country for National Passport holder. However, your visa-free requirement allows you just 30 days of stay.


Vanuatu is located in the Southwest Pacific and has 83 islands. This country has compelling tourist attractions such as the Yasur Volcano on Tanna and the Coolidge dive in Santo. Just like Fiji and Micronesia, Vanuatu also offers Nigerians with Nigeria passport visa-free access to the country for 30 days.


Palau is also located in Oceania and it is famous for its jellyfish lakes. Also, like most of the countries in Oceania, Palau is also an ideal location for scuba diving with commendable dive sites as The Blue Corner and German Channel. However, Palau provides Nigerians visa on arrival and the Nigeria visa requirement for Palau specifies only a stay of 30 days.


Samoa is located in the South Pacific of Oceania between Hawaii and New Zealand. This Island country is a beauty to the eyes with its abundant waterfalls, caves, beaches, and museums. The typical honeymoon location. However, like Palau, you can gain free entry to Samoa with your Nigeria Passport via visa on arrival. But unlike Palau, Samoa offers you a 90-day stay period.


This Oceania country is made up of a group of low-lying islands along the South Pacific. Even though Tuvalu is the fourth-smallest country in the world and doesn’t have the architectural sophistication of other tourist countries, it holds a strong traditional culture. It is your location for calm palm tree beaches and sunset gazing. However, your visa-free entry as a Nigeria Passport holder is via visa on arrival for 30 days.

European Countries

You may be disappointed to know that you can’t gain entry into popular European countries or even the USA for free without a visa as a Nigerian. However, it should serve as a little consolation that you can actually visit two countries in Europe without visa restrictions. These countries are Transnistria and South Ossetia.


Transnistria is officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and is located in Europe. However, the country is not fully recognized and it is a split off from Moldova after the dissolution of the USSR. Nonetheless, you can talk a reflective walk at its Pobeda Park and see most of its monuments such as the ones of Lenin and Kotovsky. You can do these by utilizing the country’s visa-free access for Nigeria Passport holders. Sadly, you’ll have to register for a visa after 24 hours of staying in the country.

South Ossetia

Although a breakaway state from Georgia, South Ossetia may be a place to visit. The country is between Asia and Europe, occupying the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the foothills’ part of the Kartalin Valley.

This country is in a mountainous region, and it may tickle your fancy to visit if you’re a mountain climber. Nonetheless, South Ossetia provides Nigerian Passport holders visa-free access into the country but you must have multiple entry visa to Russia. Also, you must give a three-day prior notification to enter the country.


That there are presently 45  countries which Nigerians can visit without Visa restrictions or with Visa on arrival doesn’t mean it will remain this way. Keep in touch with us for updates as the number of countries may either increase or decrease.

Meanwhile, there are 28 African countries where Nigeria Passport holders may visit completely visa-free or via visa on arrival. Also, there are 4 American countries Nigerians can visit without visa restrictions, all of which are North American countries.

Furthermore, you can visit 5 Asian countries, 6 Oceania countries, and 2 European countries visa-free or visa on arrival as a Nigeria Passport holder.


How can I apply for a Visa as a Nigerian?

You can apply for a visa as Nigerian by simply going to the local consulate with the your international passport and application form which can be found online.

Which Countries are Visa Free For Nigerian Citizens?

A host of countries are visa free for Nigerian citizens which incude Bolivia, Cambodia, Ghana etc. You can access the full list of all the eligible visa free countries in this article.

Which Countries are Visa Free For Nigerian Passport Holders?

A host of countries are visa free for Nigerian Passport Holders such as Cape Verde and Mauritania as outlined in the article.

How Do I Get An International Passport as Nigerian?

You can kickstart your application for an international passport as a Nigerian by visiting the Nigerian Immigration Service Portal.

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