WAEC Result: Meaning Of Held, Witheld, Outstanding And Others

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WAEC Result: Meaning Of Held, Witheld, Outstanding And No Result For This Candidate in the specified year

WAEC Result: Meaning Of Held, Witheld, Outstanding And Others

It no longer new that WAEC Result is out – The West Africa Examination Council, WAEC has released the 2016 May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, many candidates have checked their result while others are yet to check, we have been receiving private messages like:  What does it mean to have outstanding in some subjects in WAEC result? What does it mean to be replied by WAEC server with ‘No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘?

What does it mean when WAEC held/witheld results?
What does it mean to have outstanding in some subjects in WAEC result?
What does it mean to be replied by WAEC server with ‘No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘?

Some candidates were shown one of the tags above in the course of checking their WAEC Result Online. We(ngschoolz.com team) have decided to define these terms, so that candidates will be able to know where they fall in and the probability of getting their results released.

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Possibility of release: Slim

This occurs when almost all the candidates in a particular centre had same grade. WAEC will further investigate the result. If truly the candidates engaged in any form of malpractice during the exam, such results would be seized and not released. But if reverse is the case, they would be released.

Possibility of release: Slim

Almost the same thing with withheld. Held result mostly occur when a written remark is made on a candidate answer booklet relating to malpractice and other examination offences.

Possibility of release: Medium

Outstanding in some subject(s) mostly occur when a student is recorded as present in exams, but the mark on the subject(s) are not concluded. It can also be cause by extra answer sheet. i.e. when not properly attached or some other factors.

Possibility of release: Slim

This often happened to candidates that registered with special centres.

If you are not guilty of any examination offences and your result shows any of the tags stated above, there is high possibility of release.

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  1. ADEBAYO says:

    Pls I want u to help me with d issue of checking my waec result…. When I first check my wassce result I see my grade but now the waec result checker is telling me that there is no result for me….pls help me out

  2. ADEBAYO says:

    Bfor waec display my result but now waec is not displaying my result…. What is the course

  3. Theman says:

    We are in trouble maybe they Av cancel our result

  4. Thankgod40 says:

    This tutorial will simply guild you on how to ehhance your waec result successively in all waec written countries.

    All you need to do is to follow the same process 4 other country …

    n:b.you are about to break into waec database.this is were your details can be corrected and it is totally safe and secured.no harmful effect maybe in the future because this is their database they use doing everything about your result but you have to be fast,calculative and sharp.
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    How to begin…. login to your country’s waec address eg http :/ /results. liberiawaec. org/

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    3. Select the Year of the Examination
    4. If you have selected L S H S C E (Resitter) as Examination Type and Examination Year that is 2009 and below, you are required to enter the Year of First Sitting
    5. Enter your 10-Digit Scratchcard Serial Number. This can be found on the reverse side of your scratchcard e.g. L100000001.
    6. Enter your 12-Digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) found on the reverse side of your scratchcard. e.g. 123456789012
    7. Confirmed all the details you have entered and then click on the ”check my result”button and wait for the results window to come up with your result.
    finally, it opens……

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